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Optimize After Sales Service for Industrial Machines

by Perminder Kaur



The significance of after-sales service in the industrial equipment industry cannot be overemphasized. The heavy equipment industry can go through major financial and operational losses during a downtime. Effective after sales and service make sure that the industrial machines are running smoothly. It helps in enhancing the lifespan as well as the overall productivity of the industry. However, these large scale businesses face challenges in maintaining a track of small things like spare parts etc. Making optimum utilization of the after sales software, the companies can address these challenges. Along with this, they can also grow their business by increasing customer loyalty and retention. By using the technologies optimally, businesses can use after sales to reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency. 

In this blog we will discuss the key components of an effective post sales service. We will also look into the strategies to adopt it and benefits we can gain from it. Let’s quickly dive into it.

Key Components of After Sales Management 

Post sales service should have few non-negotiable key components like the ones mentioned here.

Customer Service Through After Sales Support

The after sales support team should be available 24*7 to the customers. This ensures that grievances are addressed promptly and as they happen. The customer support should be available through various channels like phone, chat, email etc. for customer’s convenience. Adopt a proactive approach to update customers about any new  advancements.

Preventive Maintenance by After Sales Service

Conduct regular inspections of the industrial production equipment to address minor issues and prevent major breakdowns. Keep a detailed record of after-sales maintenance activities. It serves as a record for any future issues.

Spare Parts Management 

The heavy equipment industry should have optimal stock of spare parts. This ensures that the right parts are available whenever needed. Perform a thorough quality check of the spare parts. Track the logistics intricately to ensure timely delivery of the spare parts.

Warranty Management

One of the major roles of after sales service management software is to provide warranty management services. Outline clear terms and conditions to set the right expectations for customers. The software should have ways to track warranty periods. Easy warranty extension and easier ways to manage claims can be an added advantage.

Strategies to Optimize After Sales Process

 Let us look at some of the strategies to adopt the best after sales.

Implementing Advanced After Sales Service Software

A good software should have the capability to automate workflows and scheduling. It should provide mobile accessibility to the customers as well as the technicians to bridge the communication gap. It should have the ability to create an after sales report to make informed decisions for the future.

Using Predictive Maintenance

Connect machines to IoT (Internet of Things) to gain real-time information on their condition. Use this data to schedule predictive maintenance, addressing minor issues before they become major problems.

Customer Feedback

Gaining feedback from customers positively can go a long way. Through these feedbacks, the services can be improved. This will increase customer satisfaction which will result in brand loyalty and retention.

Training Service Technicians

Service technicians should be able to provide the best service to the customers. For this, they need to stay updated on any latest changes happening in the machines. A regular training session for the technicians can help a lot. After they have done their part, giving proper recognition and promotion to the technicians can boost their morale to do better.

Benefits of After Sales Service Tracking

Tracking after sales activities can benefit the organization in many ways. Let’s see a few of them.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Needless to say that providing good customer service can increase customer satisfaction. Customizing services as per customer needs can make a good impression. Brand loyalty can also help in getting new customers as they would speak for us.

Increased Machine Lifespan

With the algorithms we get, the industries can plan for predictive maintenance. This will help to cut down the downtime that might happen due to a major breakdown. This will eventually help in smooth running of the equipment, hence increasing its lifespan.

Improved Operational Efficiency

A smooth functioning equipment can increase the operational efficiency. It will help to meet the desired project targets. Also, the software will help in real time tracking and monitoring of resources. This helps in allocating resources aptly whenever needed.

Cost Savings with After Sales Service

For any business, financial achievement is of prime importance. Through after sales service, they can easily save on maintenance and repair costs. This would significantly reduce the amount they would have otherwise spent. Moreover, features like warranty management also adds up to the financial advantage.

Final Thoughts

After discussing the impact of after sales service in the industrial machine industry, we can conclude its importance. From retaining customers to making new ones by positive word of mouth, after sales can help in many ways. Most businesses take this aspect for granted once the sale is already made. However, we tend to forget the impact of it in the long run. Let us know any challenges you are facing in terms of after sales service. We would be happy to assist you. Get in touch with us for a free demo of our after sales software.

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