How Toner Sales Orders via QR Codes are Helping Managed Print Service Industry and Photocopier Dealers

How Toner Sales Orders via QR Codes are Helping Managed Print Service Industry and Photocopier Dealers

by Atiksha Sharma



Innovation has always been a driving force behind growth and development in the dynamic printing industry. There have been many innovations, but one that is changing the way toner is sold is the ability to link QR codes to MPS. In addition to MPS, photocopier dealers have also found success with QR code integration for improved accuracy. 

Managed Print Services (MPS): A Record of Development

Managed Print Services has proven to be an excellent solution for businesses looking to better organise their printing infrastructure. MPS providers offer complete print management solutions, which include 

  • Maintenance 
  • Supplies Replenishment 
  • And Cost optimization.

Behold QR Codes (Quick Response Codes)

With MPS and photocopier networks, the addition of QR codes has changed how toner items are sold. QR stands for Quick Response Code. The purpose of this particular barcode is to be readable by electronic devices. This digital device then stores the data as a grid of square pixels.

Adding these features will help connect the real world to the digital world better. By adding QR codes to their toner cartridges and service contracts, MPS providers and photocopier dealers have gained a lot of advantages, such as:

Simplified Process for Placing Orders

Users can order more toner cartridges whenever they want with the help of QR codes. The manual order process is no longer needed with this feature. This more advanced way of placing orders makes the whole process better and less likely to go wrong. 

Scan Bar code with Phone for Unlocking Data-Driven Insights 

You can learn more about your customers’ preferences, habits, and behaviours related to usability with the help of QR code management software. Customers can receive personalised offers based on this information. This feature also makes it easier to cross-sell or up-sell other products.  

Create a QR Code for your Business and Make Efficient Use of Resources

With a QR code for your business, toner restocking can be done automatically. This allows MPS providers to cut down on the additional operational expenses associated with managing inventory and placing orders manually. 


AntMyERP provides a specialised solution to your MPS needs with Auto Invoicing of Per Page Invoicing or/and Toner Supply Based Invoicing.

The three core functions of Managed Print Service ( MPS) business processes are Field Service Management, Toners, and Consumables supply, and Meter Reading and Auto Invoicing.

Our MPS Service ERP helps you keep track of your spare parts and perform on-time break-fix and preventative maintenance service calls. Create a QR code for your company to make it run more smoothly. 

Make good use of your consumables inventory management tools, including tracking and insight into consumables usage vs. yield. All this can be achieved through QR tracking system

The system keeps track of metre readings and generates invoices according to the customer’s MPS contract and metre readings. With a scan QR code, make the process more streamlined and sustainable at the same time. 

AntMyERP is the best Photocopier Field Service Management Software because it combines all the service management modules with other software for running a business. Photocopier service software that follows standard business practices will help you manage your customer service and technicians. Try out the new QR code feature and achieve more proficiency with field management software, which supports the Managed Print Service (MPS) industry.


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