Enhancing Efficiency AMC Software for machine rentals

Enhancing Efficiency AMC Software for machine rentals

by Atiksha Sharma



Being efficient is of the utmost importance in the rental industry. A reliable system of work is essential for rental businesses, whether they deal in tools, industrial machinery, or construction equipment. It is possible for rental equipment to malfunction or produce inconsistencies. In this case, a powerful AMC software for machine rental management is required. The machine rentals company lets people rent tools, machines, and other gear for a certain amount of time.

What is AMC software, and how is it beneficial for Machine Rentals?

AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract. It refers to a one-year agreement between a business and a customer. When someone buys this yearly contract from an AMC Software company, they get it as a service after the sale. 

Annual Maintenance Contract Software is a specialised programme that facilitates the administration of maintenance and service contracts. It simplifies reporting, asset tracking, contract tracking, scheduling services, contract renewal management, and preventive maintenance planning. 

Having AMC maintenance software is important for keeping your rented machines up to date and in good shape. The automation feature supports the tool rental function well so that no service is missed.  

Most of the maintenance work that comes with these contracts is 

  • Checks and surveys
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Setting up the equipment
  • And fixing up 

By doing this, machines stay in great shape and are less likely to break down. Knowing how much maintenance will cost and getting priority service from an AMC gives manufacturers peace of mind. 

3 Top Features of AMC Software for Device Rental

Three of Annual Maintenance Contract Software’s most useful features that simplify managing rental equipment are as follows.

Earning potential of serial number

With the field service management software, it is now easy to keep track of the serial numbers of your AMC devices that produce profits. For each serial number, you can keep track of the service calls and spare parts you change. It is simple to figure out how much you put into an AMC device that you service. For each serial number, you can see how profitable it is. This helps you figure out whether a device is making you money or losing you money. To make sure your AMC customers are happy, you can also tell them the same thing.

Contract Profitability with AMC Software

Service ERP lets you manage contracts for multiple customers in different places. Since service is what your business does best, make things run more smoothly with good contract management in CRM sales. It lets you see how profitable your contracts are for each customer. The AMC CRM helps you figure out how much it costs you to handle customer complaints in line with the terms of your business contract with them. To better manage service calls, you can easily connect several Service Level Agreement (SLA) parameters to a customer’s contract.

Increased Transparency through Call History

With AMC CRM, you can keep track of all of your customers’ CRM activities. Keep tabs on the AMC devices that you assist with service. Keep a record of every service complaint call that you handle for your AMC customers. With the AMC Software solution, you can keep track of every spare part that is used on all of your devices. You can see when your engineers and technicians come to do service calls and keep track of the preventative maintenance they do. 

The entire call history for each device is maintained in one place. Moreover, device profitability can be analysed along with contract profitability. The call history analysis helps you decide whether the AMC contract is actually profitable or not. As you have completed it, you can see how much time your technician spends on each device, what parts they use, and how many times they come to fix it. The AMC CRM software makes it simple to manage an AMC business for your machine rentals.

Make AntMyERP your Trusted AMC Software Provider for Seamless Machine Rentals Businesses

Utilise our Annual Maintenance Contract Software Service CRM to help your device rental AMC business grow. With one of the best service CRMs, you can make your customers happier. It will assist you in managing the profitability of your customer contracts as well as the preventive maintenance and warranty management of your equipment or device.

You can handle customer complaints quickly and intelligently with the help of the Service ERP. With the help of our technician mobile app facility, you can now effectively manage your machine rentals and keep track of each task that the service engineers complete.


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