AMC Software for CNC Machines industry

AMC Software for CNC Machines industry

by Atiksha Sharma



CNC machines are essential for precise machining operations because they allow for the creation of complex components with the highest level of accuracy.  It is important to keep up a strong system so that these machines keep working well.  CNC manufacturers can rely on AMC software to accomplish this.

Manufacturers can reduce manual labour and automate their entire AMC projects by using good annual maintenance contract software. 

In this blog, we will discuss the meaning of AMC software and how it benefits the CNC machine industry. 

What is AMC Software and how is it beneficial for the CNC Machine Industry?

AMC is an abbreviation for Annual Maintenance Contract. It refers to a deal between a business and a customer that lasts for one year. Customers who buy this annual contract get it as a service after the sale. 

To keep your CNC equipment up to date and working well, you need AMC software. In order to make sure that no service is missed, the automation feature helps handle the CNC equipment’s functions effectively.  

Typical maintenance tasks that come with these contracts are 

  • Inspections
  • Lubrication
  • Calibration
  • and repairs

Doing so keeps machines in top operating condition and reduces the chance of breakdowns. An AMC gives manufacturers peace of mind by letting them know how much maintenance will cost and giving them priority service. This makes machines more reliable, last longer, and produce more.

key benefits of implementing such software

AMC software made for the CNC Machines industry solves many problems by automating and improving every step of AMC management, from making contracts to delivering services and billing. Let us look at the key advantages of implementing AMC reporting, maintenance and management software:

Manage contracts using automation

One of the most significant advantages of AMC software is its ability to automate the creation, tracking, and management of CNC machines. CNC machine manufacturers can create customised templates that allow them to specify service levels, terms, and conditions. This allows them to automatically generate contracts for both customers and machines. The software sets up automatic renewal reminders that help manufacturers get their contracts renewed on time. This capability guarantees a continuous flow of service while minimising the risk of deficiencies.

Improving the Productivity of Equipment

For CNC machines to function at their best, they must be handled with care and serviced on a regular basis. CNC manufacturers can now easily monitor equipment metrics for efficiency with the help of AMC reporting, maintenance, and management software. This way, they can keep their CNC equipment running at peak efficiency by anticipating and fixing any issues as soon as they arise.

Enhanced Technician Productivity

In order to make service technicians more efficient, AMC software streamlines service workflows, automates routine maintenance tasks, and provides access to technical documentation. The CNC machine annual maintenance contract software gives technicians the tools they need to streamline their workflow, save time, and access all the information they need. Their time and expertise can then be fully invested in tasks that yield the greatest return, like troubleshooting intricate issues, making necessary repairs, and delivering exceptional customer service.

Experience Serial Number profitability with Annual Maintenance Contract Software

The AMC reporting, maintenance, and management software has made it easy to track the profitability of your AMC devices by serial number. For each serial number and replacement part, you can monitor service complaint calls. When you invest in AMC equipment, you can easily calculate your return on investment. You can calculate the profitability of each serial number, allowing you to determine whether the spare part is profitable or not. As a result, you can suggest the same to your customers and ensure a positive AMC customer service experience in CRM.

To Get the Most Out of Your CNC Machines, Try AntMyERP‘s AMC software

Finally, AMC Software enables manufacturers to increase efficiency, reliability, and profitability. AntMyERP’s AMC Software helps track your equipment profitability and contract profitability with an automated and integrated service CRM.

AMC contracts can be easily created using the CRM Sales module. Define your customer contract as comprehensive or non-comprehensive. These contracts are useful when responding to service complaints.


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