Manage multiple fields with EV Charging Station Field service software

Manage multiple fields with EV Charging Station Field service software

by Atiksha Sharma



Electric vehicles are becoming more popular as a means for individuals to cut back on the daily costs of oil and gas. It follows that more EV charging stations will be required as EV demand increases. Proper management of these stations is essential, as it encompasses a multitude of factors. Some examples of these functions are customer service, repairs, inventory management, and maintenance. In response to these issues, operators of electric vehicle charging stations are opting for EV Charging Station Field Service Software. The software provides a centralised location for handling and managing multiple fields in an organised manner. 

In this blog post, we will look at how EV Charging Station Field Service Software plays an important role in a variety of fields.

What is the purpose of Field Service Management Software for EV Charging stations?

A growing number of electric vehicles will necessitate charging stations, similar to the demand for gas stations. Field service companies assist EV businesses with a wide range of tasks. Some of these are repairs, maintenance, and installations. Electric vehicle (EV) drivers and charging stations at multiple fields can work together more efficiently with this software. 

There are a lot of additional responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of EV station employees beyond these processes.  

A field service software will make it easier to install and activate EV stations throughout India’s cities. The software is also designed to help EV technicians schedule and divide their work more efficiently. 

It is too time-consuming to manually enter each activity’s schedule and status into an Excel spreadsheet for the work order. Thus, EV charging management software is required. 

How EV charging station field service software helps manage multiple fields

Let us look at how EV charging station field service software can effectively manage multiple fields:

Tracking and Managing Inventory with charge point management system

A primary function of field service management software is to streamline the entire work order procedure. Part of this is keeping track of stock as well. It is critical to guarantee that all equipment needed to repair EV charging stations is readily available to the technicians. To name a few examples, there are the components, implements, and materials required for repairs and maintenance. 

Charge point operators (CPOs) are able to keep track of their inventory with the help of the charge point management system. This also helps with proper work alignment and inventory record keeping. 

With the automated alert features, operators are kept informed of any inventory reduction. This ensures that technicians can always carry the correct inventory and that there is no chance of a shortage.

Explore the Customer Portal and Self-Service Options in EV charging management software 

Dedicated customer portal capabilities are also available in more sophisticated field service software for EV charging stations. These allow EV drivers to do things like submit support requests, check the status of charging stations, and schedule their own service requests. 

The use of a dedicated customer portal alleviates a significant amount of stress for customer support teams, making EV driver tasks much easier. It frees up the people in charge of the charging stations to attend to other pressing matters. Because customers can choose their preferences and check their status independently, the self-service option also increases satisfaction. 

Managing a Team on the Go with charge point management system

There are a number of teams of technicians out in the field, and electric vehicle charging stations are spread out. They also need critical data readily available in order to work while on the move. At this point, the mobile app for the EV charging management software comes in handy for the technicians. The mobile app allows technicians to access critical information even when they are out in the field. They can 

Access their work orders 

View the task information

Click pictures

Keep notes

and update their job status right from their phones

Additionally, operators of charging points can improve field connectivity and communication. 

Connectivity to Other Platforms

One of the most versatile aspects of EV charging management software is its ability to integrate with other platforms. Field service software for electric vehicle charging stations is built to integrate with Internet of Things (IoT) devices and asset management systems. Software like this can be integrated with other systems to make EV charging station operators’ jobs easier. On top of that, they can make their stations as efficient as possible. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, the rising cost of fuel has boosted the EV industry, increasing the demand for EV charging stations. AntMyERP‘s EV Charging Station Field Service software includes all of the features listed above, as well as additional features tailored to your needs. To learn more, visit our website. 


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