Field Service Engineer Tracking Software for EV charging operators

Field Service Engineer Tracking Software for EV charging operators

by Atiksha Sharma



Along with managing the service of EV charging stations in the field, there is one more thing that needs proper attention. That is, handling field service engineers at charging stations for electric vehicles in the right way. As the number of EV charging stations grows and develops in various locations, so will the demand for operators and field engineers. To manage these field engineers, a centralized software solution such as Field service engineer tracking software is required. 

In this blog, we will learn about the role of field service engineers at EV charging stations. We will also understand the 6 most important key features and functionalities that can boost your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Understanding the Role of Field Service Engineers in the EV Charging Industry

Field engineers are the foundation of EV charging operations. They bear significant responsibility for tasks such as installation, maintenance, and repair. These technicians’ primary responsibility is to ensure the reliability and functionality of charging stations. More field engineers are needed to accommodate the growing number of electric vehicles.  

The Significance of Field Service Engineer Tracking Software

Field Service Engineer Tracking Software is a complete software solution for managing and tracking field service engineers. The software includes GPS tracking, allowing you to see all field engineers assigned to different locations. In order to improve the workflow of all engineers, you can also communicate and analyse the data collected by the software. This increases overall productivity and response time for all field engineers’ tasks.

6 most important key features and functionalities

Charge point operators (CPOs) and technicians benefit greatly from increased productivity, reduced paperwork, and improved job visibility. They can save travel time and money by streamlining communication and collaboration, resulting in increased revenue and profitability. Here are the six most crucial features that will boost your team’s efficiency and output:

Real-time Location Tracking with All-In-One Field Engineer App

One of the primary reasons to have an all-in-one field engineer app in place is it’s ability to provide location tracking. The software provides visibility into field service engineers’ locations, allowing them to assign tasks based on how close they are. 

Field service engineer tracking software offers live location tracking for field service engineers, which is a crucial feature. With this feature, you can use GPS to see exactly where field engineers are at all times as they move from one service location to another.

Task Management with Employee Tracking Software

Operators can generate work orders using the all-in-one field engineer app. They can specify details, like 

  • Service Location
  • Type of work to be done 
  • Priority level

After the details are filled out, the task can be assigned to the nearest field engineer with the necessary skills. Once the task is assigned, the technician receives instant notifications on his mobile device via the field engineer tracking app. This informs them of their assignment, including the job description and location.

Mobile Accessibility with All-In-One Field Engineer App

Field engineers can access and perform their duties without relying on the back office.  

The field engineer tracking app provides field engineers with complete information about their work. Through their mobile apps, they can see the details of the work orders and tasks that have been assigned to them. The app has descriptions of tasks, information about clients, and the user’s location.

Furthermore, field engineers can log their work hours, track time spent on tasks, and record hours to improve accuracy. 

Additionally, the mobile app helps them record important information about the equipment that needs to be fixed. For more credibility, they can add pictures or videos as part of the documentation process. 

The ability to communicate between operators and technicians is another functionality of the field engineer tracking app. Through the app, field engineers can also communicate with EV drivers, asking for their feedback and answering any questions they may have. 

Job Status Updates

Technicians can update the status of each job in real time, allowing all people involved to receive updates.

Work assignments for field service engineers maintaining electric vehicle charging stations can be accessed through the software’s mobile app.

To better complete their assigned maintenance or repair tasks, field engineers have access to detailed information. Such information includes the exact spot of the charging station, the problem’s description, and any specific directions given by the dispatcher.

Engineers can check the progress of their tasks using the software’s built-in features. Included in this category are the more common statuses like “In Progress,” “Completed,” “Awaiting Parts,” and “Requires Further Inspection.”

Inventory Management

The software’s inventory management module lets operators keep track of how many spare parts are being used and restock as needed. Technicians can easily ask for parts, check to see if they are available, and update inventory records in real time. This makes sure that they have everything they need to do their jobs quickly and correctly.

Time and Attendance Tracking

The software has features for tracking time and attendance, so managers can see when technicians clock in and out and how many hours they worked. This feature ensures accurate payroll processing, labour compliance, and technician work hour accountability.

Have Complete visibility of your field-based workforce with AntMyERP‘s Field Service Engineer Tracking Software

The field engineer tracking app generates a report that analyses how well field engineers are doing their job by looking at the number of jobs completed, the time taken for each job, and the quality of their work. It helps identify high-performing field engineers. 

With AntMyERP’s Field Service Engineer Tracking Software, you get Live updates on job status and technician location, and you’ll be able to make informed decisions that lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

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