Equipment Rental Software for Printing Industry (MPS) 2024

Equipment Rental Software for Printing Industry (MPS) 2024

by Perminder Kaur



The printer rental companies have gone through a significant change in the past few years. They have adopted technological advancements due to the shifting market demands. In 2024, the printer lease companies require a wide array of the equipment required to generate high quality print services. Efficient equipment management is crucial for the core business requirements like managing operations and ensuring customer satisfaction. This is where the equipment rental software comes into picture. 

Managed Print Services (MPS) have become an important part of the business printer rental industry. They help in streamlining the operations and optimizing the print environments. MPS looks into the overall spectrum of office printer rental infrastructural needs. It includes hardware, supplies, maintenance and support. For these services, photocopier leasing has emerged as the best solution for many printing companies. It provides the much needed flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of the industry.

In 2024, the role of rental equipment tracking software in the printer rental companies has become significant. The rental management system offers a strong platform for printer tracking, managing and maintaining rental equipment. This helps the organization to deal with more serious issues and leave the logistic complexities to the rental erp software. This blog will focus on the evolution of the equipment rental imprinting industry, key challenges and benefits of barcode printer rentals. It will also focus on integrating equipment rental software with MPS along with the practical tips for implementation. So, let’s dive in!

Evolution of Equipment Rental in Printing Industry

Earlier, printing companies invested a lot in purchasing and maintaining their own equipment. They faced a lot of issues regarding the cost and risk of getting outdated. Then the printing industry shifted to printer lease which gave a sense of financial relief. However, there was a long term commitment. Then came the tool rental which emerged as a more cost-effective and flexible solution. It allowed the companies to operate on a demand basis. 

With the arrival of digital technology, the need for a more reliable management solution grew. This is when the rental software for equipment was brought in. It used to track the rental inventory and helped in tracking. However, the modern advancements include real-time rental equipment tracking, predictive maintenance and automated invoicing.

In 2024, the asset rental software will be integrated with IoT, AI and other cloud-based platforms. It also has printer tracking which can track barcode printer on rent by just scanning the barcode. This provides the printing industry a competitive advantage to excel financially as well as operationally.

Challenges Faced Without Asset Rental Software

With the advent of the equipment rental software, the printing industries cannot do without it now. Let us look into some of the major challenges faced by the printing companies in the absence of a rental management system.

Downtime Issues

The first hindrance that comes in the way of smooth printing services is the downtime. Without proper maintenance in the absence of equipment rental software, the equipment faces major breakdowns. This gives a halt to the services which increases the downtime. It disrupts workflows and the overall operations.

Inefficient Equipment Tracking

In the absence of rental inventory software, tracking the location, status and usage of equipment can become tedious. Manual tracking methods are prone to errors. This can lead to a lot of inventory related issues, like tool misplacement, underutilization etc.

Issues in Invoicing

Manual invoicing and billing is quite challenging. The equipment rental software helps in generating accurate invoices, getting the payment statuses and managing contracts. The absence of this software can hamper the smooth cash flow.

Customer Satisfaction

A healthy customer service helps in retaining the customers as well as acquiring new ones. Without a rental management system, responding to customer enquiries, managing reservations and addressing the issues can become quite difficult. It can lead to delays, miscommunication and dissatisfied customers. This hugely impacts the company’s reputation.

Benefits of the Best Equipment Rental Management Software

After discussing the challenges associated with the absence of software in the MPS business, let us look at some of the benefits it offers.

Enhanced Inventory Management

The rental inventory software helps in providing real-time updates on all the rented assets. It shows the location, status and utilization of all the tools. This ensures that the equipment is optimally used and operational efficiency is enhanced.

Reduced Downtime

A well-functioning equipment rental software has predictive maintenance features. It uses the past data and historical trends to predict any maintenance for the future. This proactive maintenance helps in catering to unexpected breakdowns. This extends the lifespan of the equipment.

Streamlined Billing

The equipment rental management software helps tremendously in automating the billing process. The software generates the invoices based on usage, rental periods and contract terms. It reduces manual errors. It helps in making the cash flow smoother for the companies providing them financial freedom.

Improved Customer Service

A good equipment rental software has features like automated notifications, online reservations and prompt customer service. They can access these features and gain better control over the rental equipment. This leads to a higher rate of customer satisfaction, loyalty and positive word of mouth to gain new customers.

Implementing a Robust Equipment Rental Software

Now that we know the nitty gritties of the MPS business and how a good software can be of help, let us look at how we go about implementing the same. Start by analyzing your business needs and include the stakeholders in the decision making process. Now look at the key features you will need in the software. Some of the features might include the integration capabilities, scalability etc. Make a detailed implementation plan with all the data and information needed. Carry out the software testing and see if it aligns with your business goals. Now gather feedback from the stakeholders and roll out the software in action. Even after implementing the software, be open to feedback for continuous improvement. 

Investing in good software can go a long way!


As we come to the end of this discussion, we can clearly see how important equipment rental software is for printing business, especially in 2024. It helps in operational efficiency as well as provides financial freedom to the companies. By implementing the right software, the printing companies can overcome challenges and optimize their rental process. 

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