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CMMS Software Preventive Maintenance for Heavy Machinery

by Perminder Kaur



In big industries such as construction, logistics etc, heavy machinery plays a vital role. The machines like bulldozers, elevators, cranes etc. are used for carrying on large scale projects efficiently. Usage of these heavy machinery make them prone to wear and tear, which can lead to significant downtime. This is when preventive maintenance helps. Preventive maintenance, in simple terms means conducting the maintenance activities before any major breakdown happens. By addressing the issues proactively, businesses can ensure that the machineries are in running condition. To conduct the equipment management efficiently, Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) software comes into play.

Equipment maintenance software is a tool that helps in streamlining the maintenance processes. This ensures that the maintenance is carried out as per the schedule. CMMS software is a centralized platform that helps in monitoring and tracking the maintenance activities in real time. In this blog, we will look into the role of heavy equipment maintenance software and the benefits of it. We will also look into the key features of equipment maintenance tracking software. Along with this we will see how to choose the right planned preventive maintenance software.

Role of CMMS Maintenance Management System in Preventive Maintenance

CMMS maintenance software is of prime importance when it comes to looking into the preventive maintenance schedule. It enables organizations to schedule and plan equipment maintenance of heavy industrial machinery. The CMMS systems help to keep the health of the equipment in check and identify the potential issues early on with the help of the elaborate database available. The proactive maintenance which happens because of the CMMS software, helps to decrease the downtime and increase the lifespan of heavy equipment. Moreover, the equipment maintenance tracking software has automated alerts and reminders which make it impossible to miss a scheduled maintenance of the heavy machinery. It has the feature of allocating resources effectively so that no one is burdened. The inventory management helps to keep a track of the maintenance supplies needed. The reporting tool of the CMMS Software, helps to get valuable insights on the maintenance performance and plan for a better future.

Key Features of the Best CMMS Software

An efficiently working equipment management software can grow your heavy machinery business exponentially. Let us look at some of the key features it should have.

Asset Management with Preventive Maintenance Software

This is one of the core features when we talk about a heavy machinery industry. This not only keeps the details of each spare part but also the machine as a whole in general. By tracking the performance of the machinery, organizations can make decisions about the maintenance schedule of the heavy equipment.

Mobile Accessibility Using the CMMS Software

In today’s technologically advanced world, having everything on the mobile is much needed. The best CMMS software in India offers mobile apps that allow the technicians to have access to work orders, related information and inventory data from any location. This enhances efficiency by enabling them to perform maintenance tasks, communicate well and update records.

Integration Capabilities 

A well functioning software should have the ability to integrate with the existing systems like ERP and IoT. It enables the users to have easy access to all the information without having to do the redundant task.

Reports and Analytics

The heavy equipment maintenance software has a wide range of databases beneficial for the organization. The reporting tool helps the management extract data of the past trends so that they make a better decision for the future.


Benefits of CMMS Preventive Maintenance 

The CMMS maintenance software has a wide range of benefits. Few of them are:

Increased Lifespan of Machinery 

Implementing the maintenance software ensures that the machinery goes through regular maintenance. PM activities and other repairs are tracked down by the software. This approach minimizes wear and tear and reduces breakdown.

Enhanced Safety with CMMS maintenance management system

Safety is of prime importance for any heavy machine industry. Even the employees’ lives are at stake if we look widely. The maintenance software contributes to a safer work environment. It does so by making sure that all the repairs and maintenance are carried out timely.

Cost Savings 

Due to the regular maintenance and repairs, machinery does not go under major breakdowns. It eventually saves the company money by not having to deal with such breakdowns. The unexpected breakdowns can halt the operations.

Improved Productivity 

The efficiently working machines contribute to the productivity of the resources. Automated scheduling and optimal resource allocation helps to increase the productivity of the field technicians.

Choosing the Right Preventive Maintenance Software

Selecting the right CMMS software does all the trick. Firstly look at the scalability of the software. See if it can grow and adapt with your growing business. Then, the users should be able to use it effectively. That means, the user-friendliness of the software needs to be considered important. After that, look for the integration capabilities of the software. Then comes the other features like mobile accessibility and security features. These are also important since it has the lives of employees at stake. Finally, verify the vendor’s reputation with the help of existing customer’s testimonials. 

After evaluating all this, you can go ahead with the purchase of the software.


With all that being said about the details of a good CMMS management software, we can clearly see how it can benefit the heavy machine industry. It not only helps in improving the operational efficiency of the industry but also helps to enhance safety. There are a range of benefits associated with a good CMMS software. Let us know if you need further information on anything related to CMMS. We will be happy to help. Get in touch with us today for a free CMMS software demo!

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