CMMS maintenance management system for EV Charging Station Industry

CMMS maintenance management system for EV Charging Station Industry

by Atiksha Sharma



The world welcomes the expansion of EVs as a means of environmentally friendly development. This raises the demand for EV charging facilities. If demand is high, proper maintenance management is required to ensure the stations’ long-term availability. This is where a powerful system, such as the CMMS maintenance management system (CMMS), is most useful. 

Instead, with the installation of CMMS software in the EV charging stations, it will work better, be easier to use, and save money.

This blog post will talk about the different reasons why the CMMS maintenance management system for the EV Charging Station Industry is important.

What is computerised maintenance management for EV charging stations?

A computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) helps EV charging businesses more effectively handle maintenance tasks, equipment data, and inventory management. Additionally, it makes the process easier and makes sure everything runs smoothly. EV charging Maintenance professionals can use this software to streamline their planning, tracking, and optimisation of maintenance activities. It encourages a more organised approach to asset management and maintenance scheduling, which improves their efficiency. CMMS systems give useful information about how well charging equipment is working and what repairs it needs. This makes it easier to use proactive maintenance methods and boosts operational consistency.

A big part of running EV charging stations is making sure that Charge Point Operators (CPOs) do their jobs well. It is very important to track the stability of the infrastructure that is in place, and CSMS is a big part of this. It also helps with energy conservation, storage, and reusing all kinds of energy sources.

Benefits of CMMS for EV charging station Industry

Now that you understand what CMMS software is and how it relates to EV charging stations, let us look at some of the benefits of implementing it in EV charging stations.

Some benefits include:

Computerised maintenance management Provides Cost-Effective Solutions

EV charging stations, like oil & gas vehicle companies, require proper machine usability to generate a consistent and sustainable revenue stream. In this case, a top rated CMMS software can be used to manage factors like fines, downtime, and labour costs. 

Furthermore, the CMMS maintenance management system significantly increases technicians’ overall productivity. The technician app makes this possible by helping field technicians with their work. 

With the right use of resources, CSMS (Charging Station Management System) cuts the need for extra work by a large amount. Hence, cutting costs on a large scale.  

Detecting Faults in Advance

Another advantage of top rated CMMS software is its ability to detect potential faults in advance. Setting up CSMS (Charging Station Management System) helps EV charging stations keep track of performance metrics. It is also easy to look at other factors, such as charging speed, connectivity problems, and voltage changes. This lets you find any possible defaults or problems ahead of time. By using this feature, Charge Point Operators (CPOs) can take action and stop any major problems from taking place. 

Equipment Reliability is Improved

You can easily see reports on the status of all the EV machines at any time in the CSMS (Charging Station Management System). Because it is mobile compatible, data can be updated from anywhere. 

This is more useful for on-site technicians. They can view their scheduled tasks, service checklist, and even update it. One feature that makes the work even better is that it sends alerts through an automated scheduling system. 

The computerised maintenance management software mobile app gives them access to all the information they need while they are on the go. 

Remote Access and teamwork

At this point in time, we are very familiar with the range of connections. This has, of course, made many tasks easier and faster. One of these is remote access, which allows you to communicate and collaborate from anywhere. 

As EV charging stations spread across different locations, so does the need for continuous and immediate communication among supervisors, technicians, and scattered teams. With a CMMS maintenance management system in place, these teams can collaborate remotely and have complete access to maintenance data. This benefits charging station networks with multiple sites because the work can be done at the same rate regardless of where the stations are.

Evaluating Performance Metrics

When operators use a CMMS maintenance management system, they can compare performance by keeping an eye on key metrics such as the amount of time that equipment is up and running, the average time between failures (MTBF), and the cost of maintenance per station. This helps find patterns in performance and places where things can be made better.

How does AntMyERP‘s  Preventive Maintenance software improve the way you manage your EV charging station?

At AntMyERP, it is easy to make, track, and plan your Preventive Maintenance tickets and send them to your engineers. You can also sort tickets by how important they are based on the availability of your engineers and what the customers want. Making sure that things are planned out well and done on time.

If you want to make your preventive maintenance schedule fit your EV charging station needs, you can also make PM tickets by hand. You only need to fill out the PM ticket form and tell your engineers what to do with it.

It is simple to learn what is going on with your PM tickets. Engineers get alerts on their technician mobile app, which lets them do their jobs and send in the reports that are needed. AntMyERP’s fully automated and integrated system simplifies task tracking and management, resulting in faster EV charging station maintenance.

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