After Sales Service Management Software for Water Purifier Companies

After Sales Service Management Software for Water Purifier Companies

by Atiksha Sharma



Selling water purifiers is one of those businesses that keeps going even after you have made a sale. Due to the high quality and importance of the after-sale service, the water purifier industry does not end with the sale of the product. In order to maintain a successful water purifier business, it is crucial to offer customers fast and easy service support. To ensure the success of this business, after sales service management software assists them in automating their entire after sales service management process. 

In this blog, we will discuss the significance of after sales service for the water purifier industry. Along with this, we will learn the top five benefits of after-sales service software.

Understanding the Importance of After Sales Service

One of the most important services in the water purifier industry is after-sales support. Customers want regular service that comes quickly when they need it. This means that the technician team needs to be carefully managed and should be able to do their best work while helping customers. It promotes word-of-mouth referrals and increases the credibility of the company offering services. 

5 benefits of After Sales Service Software

Companies that sell water purifiers can greatly benefit from after sales service management software, which is an all-inclusive programme that helps to simplify many aspects of customer service. Let us look at the top five benefits of after sales service management software:

Manage Service Requests Efficiently with After Sales Software

Businesses that sell water purifiers often get a lot of service calls for filter replacement, repair, and maintenance. This is where after sales service software can help you automate the entire process of logging, tracking, and managing service requests. The automation feature allows you to ensure that no requests are missed and that the entire process is followed correctly. With this, you can ensure that all requests are addressed, assigned to the appropriate service technician, and resolved on time. This faster service process results in satisfied customers and long-term business. 

Software After Sales Service for Better Communication with Clients 

Once the service request has been logged, on-site service management will begin. This requires field technicians to visit the customer’s shared location and resolve their water purifier issues. While the technician is visiting, he should maintain contact with the customer to ensure transparency. For this, after sales software can help you maintain clear and timely communication with customers. 

The after sales software handles all the necessary tasks, such as sending out automated alerts, keeping track of service appointments, and tracking technicians’ arrivals. Open communication keeps customers informed throughout the service process, increasing loyalty and satisfaction.

Maximised Efficiency and Productivity for Technicians

After sales service is primarily dependent on technician performance. For this reason, optimising technician efficiency is critical for providing high-quality service to customers. After sales software connects technicians with mobile apps that provide access to service requests. 

In addition to service requests, they have access to customer information and diagnostic tools while on the job. This empowers the technicians and provides them with useful resources and data for more efficient service delivery. This allows them to resolve issues during the first visit itself. This feature enables technicians to complete more tasks in a given day, increasing their productivity and performance. 

Improved Warranty Management with After Sales Management Software

Another advantage of after sales service management software is the ability to easily manage warranties for water purifiers. Without software, handling warranties can be a difficult task because it requires tracking warranty periods and processing them. 

The automation feature of after sales service management software aids in the management of warranties. The after sales management software allows you to track warranty information for each product. It also notifies customers when their warranties are about to expire and streamlines the claims process. This capability ensures that customers receive prompt support and maximise the value of their warranties. 

Customisable Service Plans and Contracts

The water purifier industry is highly diverse and extensive. This necessitates a diverse customer base, with each customer having distinct needs. For this, after sales service management software enables water purifier businesses to create personalised service plans for their clients. These plans can include 

  • Scheduled maintenance visits
  • Filter Replacements
  • Emergency repairs.

Water purifier businesses can attract a broader range of clients with varying budgets and needs by providing a variety of service options. 

How can AntMyERP’s software After Sales Service help your business?

With AntMyERP’s water purifier after sales software, businesses can easily create and track service requests. This will allow the user to streamline the entire workflow, from creating service requests to tracking progress and closing out tasks. This ensures that no deadlines are missed and everything is handled consistently.


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