“Hello Everyone”, I greeted all my colleagues while entering the meeting room. We had a meeting about upgrading our product and making it more dynamic and vibrant. Our company had done a survey on software products in the market specially for the service industry. We were discussing the views of different observers and we found … Continued

Solution to a Problem lies in the Problem itself

It was a lovely evening, I sat in my Veranda with a cup of coffee, initiating to write an article for my organisation. I found myself to be quite clueless since I had no idea what I should write about. Being lost in my thoughts, I looked around to get some inspiration and motivation to … Continued

“Why Advice from Seniors will Make You Rethink?”

“Good Morning Everyone”, I greeted my senior and other teammates Generally, our daily morning meet starts with beautiful smiles and pleasantries, but today was a bit different. There were some sad and tensed faces. As the meeting commenced, the team was locked discussing one of our Client complaints. Client’s complaint was pertaining to some development … Continued

Work From Home

It all began 3 years ago, when we developed a Pan India Network for providing services support to all our clients. We were facing a language problem. We had many clients and service partners in southern India, and lo behold, when they talked, we could not understand the accent and what we spoke, they could … Continued

Work From Home |

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