Return Material

Authorization (RMA)

Manage your complex process of Return Material Authorization (RMA) for B2B and B2C in a robust way.

Gain Control and Visibility of every process in the RMA with AntMyERP

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Authorization (RMA)

Warranty Tracking

Easily track device warranty with AntMyERP. You do not need to maintain separate records for devices and their warranty. It is all maintained in a central repository and can be viewed for better RMA processing.

RMA is not successful until we have a strong mechanism to know the status of the device’s warranty. AntMyERP helps you gain visibility of the warranty status for each serial number device. You can check the serial number warranty status and share the receipt note with the client.

You can easily handle the repair, replace and reject process after clear status on the warranty. You can reject if the device is found out of warranty and save on your service cost. You also send the device to your vendor partners for repair or send it to the OEM for replacement.


AntMyERP helps you manage devices with your vendor partners and OEMs very effectively and with accuracy. You have complete track and visibility of the device serial number you support for the OEMs.

We help you manage forward and reverse shipments through AntMyERP. After a proper warranty status check, you can take the serial number inward for repair internally or manage the outward repair with your vendor partners. You have complete track of the shipment of the serial number, where you can manage multiple logistics partners and track its status.

Similarly, you can also manage the device outward to the OEMs for replacement if found in the warranty. You can also track the replacement device, inward with the track of its shipment and logistics. You have control over your operations and Supply Chain and effectively manage the RMA process with our Field Service Management software.

RMA Management

We manage three RMA fulfilment like Replace, Repair and Reject. All these operations of RMA can be performed effectively and accurately with AntMyERP with complete track of each and every process.


With our Service CRM, you can effectively manage the repair for the serial number found under warranty. It can be only labor or both labor and spare parts. You can effectively manage the repair within your company or with your vendors and monitor the complete shipment details.

This repair process will affect and impact your stock and inventory. You can also send an acknowledgment copy to your customer for the device taken inward for repair. You can track the timeline for repair and monitor the time taken for repair.


After checking the serial number warranty status, you may take the device for replacement under RMA. Once you are authorised to replace the device, you can manage the replacement with the OEMs with the track of its shipment.

It affects your inventory and reduces your current stock and but it maintains the old warranty period for the device submitted under RMA. Thus, the new replacement device carries the warranty period of the old device and is properly maintained in the system. Any future repair or replacement can be tracked with the old device warranty period only.


When a customer comes with a serial number not working, the help desk team or the support team checks for the warranty status. If the warranty is expired, wither he can still pay and avail support services through the system.

But due to any reason, if the product is rejected by the support team, the record is well maintained in the software and the customer is informed about the rejection process.

Approval System

When you start using our field service management software for the RMA you can import and upload the RMA for the sold products and the rest new ones can be entered into the software manually for proper RMA processing through the system.

There is a strong approval system in the RMA process, and you can ensure that no product is repaired, replaced, or rejected without the approval number given by the OEMs. Once the warranty is confirmed and approved by the OEM, you can initiate the RMA process. The system generates an authorisation or approval number which can be used by both parties for tracking the product shipments.

FAQ related to Return Material Authorisation ( RMA ).

Yes. Our Service ERP comes with integration of Service Ticket Management, Spare Parts Management, Inventory Management, Gate Pass Management and Return Management.

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