After Sales Service Management

Service management after a sale is an important part of running a business. It involves providing support and assistance to customers after they have made a purchase. Companies are using after sales support software to make their processes more efficient because customers want better service for Auto Preventive Maintenance and Incident Management.

AntMyERP can help you to respond quickly and effectively to customer questions and complaints, which will make customers happier and more loyal in the long run. In today’s competitive market, businesses must put after-sales service management at the top of their list of priorities if they want to stay on top.

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Complaint Management

Boost Service with the best Complaint Management Software in place.

Manage Service Complains for Sales, Rental, AMC, MPS, ASP Business Model

Receive – Auto Assign – Resolve –  Track Customer Complain with the Service ERP – AntMyERP Your Trusted Partner for Field Service Management

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Field Service Management

AntMyERP empowers you to effectively manage the end-to-end field service process. You can create, assign and track all service tickets, and PM tickets. with the mapped Service Level Agreement (SLA). You can track all spare parts issued or requested in simple steps. You can manage all your active Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC ) service contracts, track their status of renewal, and get notified beforehand.

You can ensure effective coordination and collaboration with the internal team, engineers, and the backend team through the field management software. You can manage all your field staff, their live location, the tickets on which they are working, their status, and the parts they carry. The software makes the coordinator’s life easy by keeping the track of the engineers’ location, their job status, and their service reports and thus ensures timely and productive service management through this automated tool.

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AMC Management

Your Own AMC CRM Software

Automate and Manage your Contracts, Warranties, and Profitability of your AMC business. Gain visibility and control over your AMC devices and avoid free labor and spares for out-of-warranty devices. Very easily know your Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive Contracts to render appropriate Field Service to Customers.

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Service Level Agreement

Service is the core of your business and SLAs are the core to the customer service contract. Define your service parameter and track it to improve your service and customer support.

AntMyERP – India’s Best SLA Management Software

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Preventive Maintenance

Our Service offering decides our Customer Retention. We continuously keep striving to improve our customer service. Preventive Maintenance plays a vital role in the Hardware or Service industry.

Preventive Maintenance helps in keeping the Uptime of the Equipment Lifespan. Many times it is a Compliance to perform the regular Preventive Maintenance of the Equipment.

Manage your PM with Automated and Integrated Service CRM – AntMyERP

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Return Material Authorisation

Manage your complex process of Return Material Authorization (RMA) for B2B and B2C in a robust way.

Gain Control and Visibility of every process in the RMA with AntMyERP

India’s Best Service ERP for Field Service Management

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Spare Parts Management

Track and Monitor all Hardware Spares Inventory with our unique Field Service Management Software.

Small parts carry huge money – Track and Save on your MONEY with AntMyERP

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Service and Repair Management Software

Any business that involves assets, whether hardware, IT tools, audio-visual devices, or fire equipment, is incomplete without repair management. In extending repair management services, an enterprise has to collaborate with vendors, establish a system of timely pickups from customers, and maintain a frictionless flow of actions in between.

But with limited resources, outdated technology, and administrative boundaries, an organization fails to deliver the best repair management experience to its customers. The good news is that advanced Repair Management Software can take away all these troubles, streamline servicing in order, and enable technicians to complete repairs on or before time.

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Warranty Management

Warranty management software helps companies track and manage purchase and sales warranties. To handle warranties, our Service CRM includes warranty registration, warranty claims administration, and analytics by integrating all core service modules. Thus streamlines warranty operations, reduces administrative duties, and optimises business performance.

You can track product purchases and sales warranties, claims warranties from vendors, and provide faster customer service using an automated system. This lowers mistakes and boosts client happiness.

Lastly, warranty management software gives you the data you need to streamline warranty procedures. Reports and analytics due to all service modules integration assist you spot trends, patterns, and improvement opportunities.

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Helpdesk Management Software

AntMyERP acts as a help desk management software, which takes care of the support and help desk process you follow for your clients. It helps customers raise support concerns in a systematic and automated manner. Customers can easily request service support from their service provider through an easy-to-use digital platform. The support ticket is automatically received and resolved. Providing timely support to clients becomes easy with AntMyERP as clients need not worry about writing emails. Just click and raise a support ticket.

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Customer Service Knowledge Base Software

It is a digital version of a resource center for all your team members to get going wherever they are stuck midway through any service task.

Let your field service providers act immediately on a problem with prompt guidance on the Customer Support Knowledge Base Software, now easily accessible through smartphones. Prompt guidance means no more delays in taking action, elimination of additional costs, and interrupted performance.

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Technician Mobile Apps

Technician Mobile Apps for quick and accurate Field Service Management and Customer Support.

Manage and resolve Customers’ Complaint Tickets at any time and location with easy-to-use Mobile App. Mark your live attendance with your current location and time. Raise and Claim Expense Vouchers Instantly with AntMyERP Mobile App.

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Field Service Engineer Tracking

AntMyERP comes with inbuilt Field Service Engineer Tracking. The real-time GPS-based technician mobile app helps you track your engineer’s live location and makes your field service job convenient. You can find out the nearest service engineer, assign the service call ticket to ensure faster response to the customers, and also save on the travel time.

This Field Service Engineer Tracking enhances your field service management performance with proper optimisation and thus improves the way you use your engineers. 

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Service Scheduling Software

Schedule your service tickets effectively with AntMyERP. Through the software, you can easily map your SLAs with the service calls, and pause the SLAs as per your choice without breaching your terms. Thus, you can schedule your Preventive Maintenance tickets now and assign the engineer later on as well.

Optimize all your field service calls in the same location with AntMyERP. The GPS systems allow you to assign tickets to engineers in the same location and hence reduce the travel time and increase the engineers’ productivity.

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Service Integration and Management

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) makes the software much more communicative and thus helps you get informed and correct data in one place. Effects of changes in one module get easily reflected in the other module. The service flow is mapped and integrated with the SLAs.

The software is easily integrated with the leading service providers and thus gives the user the benefit of using a single platform for all the business operations.

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Field Service Reporting

AntMyERP gives you a meaningful and insightful reporting structure, which helps you improve your current service management process based on your AMC contract type (Comprehensive/ Non-Comprehensive). You can see tickets from clients, their status, the engineer working on the tickets, the parts used during service, the defective parts details, and the engineer’s performance. 

The software gives you the facility to track all tickets assigned to vendors or partners along with their status. You have control over the spare parts issued to your engineers. Can also track the device’s clients wise, their status of the repair, and the expenses incurred on each service call. The warranty and AMCs of the devices can be easily seen and tracked.

Through AntMyERP you can send digital reports of the service to the clients after the engineer has completed the service call. You can take customer feedback about the engineers as well.

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Service Repair Center

Service repair centers are supposed to be well-equipped with trained experts and the latest tools for repairing and restoring items. Instead of just being a repair store, it’s a center of quality dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.

Extend your exclusive repair management and related support to customers & vendors with our automated repair management system. Our integrated repair solutions are developed to empower enterprises to automate their orders and services in the repair shop while managing everything else in the backend.

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Defective Return Management

Convert your difficulties into the best solutions with AntMyERP’s Defective Return Management. By this businesses can manage returns and replacements of their defective goods. 

Implement intelligent repair and return management with our return management software, which focuses on prompt and efficient solutions that reduce customer dissatisfaction.

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Logistics Management

Service logistics management is the key to the optimal functioning of your inventory. Our supply chain management is built on a strategic framework that seamlessly incorporates spare parts, returns and ensures a streamlined inventory of spare parts, limiting downtime, and ensuring immediate responses to service requests.

Our service logistics management system makes it easier to process returns, delivering a pleasant experience for both customers and enterprises. Utilizing our supply chain management means effortlessly planning, managing, and implementing processes used for storage and management.

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Contact Management

In the business of selling, it’s not much about what you know, but it is all about who you know and how well you know. Having a 360-degree view of your sales leads and contact information is like the lifeblood of your sales and outreach team. With that said, no enterprise in the selling business can run efficiently without CRM Contact Management Software. Such a system helps achieve both Flawless pipeline management and Uninterrupted sales processes.

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Key Account Management

AntMyERP’s key account management system ensures data-driven, collaborative, scalable and on-demand account planning & governance within the CRM itself! Have a look at its salient features before you make up your mind to implement our key account management system in your enterprise.

Use our software to identify your most premium clients that add value to your enterprise in any way. The digital key account management software allows you to store all the crucial information about all the clients at one destination and analyze it whenever the need arises. Strategize your key accounts and plan for better service delivery in the future.

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Lead Management

In the dynamic landscape of sales, the right tools can make all the difference. AntMyERP, a leader in CRM solutions, offers a Sales Lead Management Software that empowers businesses to efficiently manage their leads, enhance conversions, and supercharge their sales strategies. Let’s delve into how this robust software can transform your lead journey and drive growth.

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Quotation Management

As businesses grow, so does the complexity of managing various processes. One such critical process is quotation management. Imagine this process as your business’s conversation starter – the moment when a potential customer shows interest and you need to make a compelling offer. However, keeping track of all these conversations and crafting tailored quotes can become overwhelming. This is where effective quotation management comes to the rescue.

Streamline your quoting process, regardless of whether your business operates in Sales, Rental, AMC, Visit Charge, MPS, ASP, or Unit models. Our quotation management software offers exceptional features that will greatly benefit your sales and outreach teams.

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Contract Management

Contract management is the key to ensuring on-time warranty service delivery to all your customers, clients and vendors while generating profitable revenue for your enterprise.

With a contract management system like AntMyERP, you can manage and monitor all your contracts thoroughly during their entire lifecycle and cut short risks and costs associated with it effectively with the following features. 

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Sales Order Management

As businesses grow, managing sales orders becomes crucial for smooth operations and happy customers.

Doing it all manually takes time and can lead to mistakes, making customers unhappy and slowing down the business. That’s where sales order management software comes in – changing how businesses deal with orders, from start to finish.

Sales Order Management is like the backbone of your order system. It handles everything from when a customer places an order to getting it to them. This includes order entry, checking inventory, tracking, communication, and more.

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Team Collaboration

Picture CRM like a special map that guides you to discover important things about your customers – like a treasure map for business.

But what if your team isn’t totally sure how to read the map? That’s where the Team Collaboration System comes in to save the day.

It’s like a special tool that helps your team make sense of the map together, so you can figure out plans and succeed in making sales.

AntMyERP helps all your team members to collaborate to achieve more.

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Sales Activity Management

Our Sales Activity Management application at AntMyERP is a strong solution that enables your sales force, employees and company to achieve optimal efficiency. Our Sales Activity Management is a versatile tool that significantly enhances productivity through various features.

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CRM Campaign Management

Transform your marketing game with AntMyERP’s advanced CRM campaign management software. Seamlessly create and manage multiple campaigns, convert leads, and track projected revenues. Effortlessly initiate your CRM campaign by filling in key details such as owner, name, dates, type, status, revenue, budget, and leads. Elevate your strategy today.

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Sales Goal Management

In the rapidly changing world of business, managing sales goals is the key to sustained success and growth. Our specialized goal management software can be your trusted go-to platform for managing various sales objectives. 

Our sales goal management is an extensive approach to leading your sales team to unparalleled accomplishment. AntMyERP’s best sales performance management software is created to offer ideas, strategies, and tools to help you understand the knack of goal setting and implementation.

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CRM Reports and Insights

The software generates meaningful and insightful reports needed by the management for their business. Various reports like the sales team performance reports, lead analysis reports, contract renewal reports, business-wise sales reports, order expectation reports, sales pipeline reports, order execution pending reports, campaign profitability reports, stock location reports, device profitability and movement reports, and many more.

There are various other reports that are generated in the system modules wisely, and thus it helps the management have full control of the data in one place. This prevents human errors and also fades the challenge any company faces if any of the employees leave the job. Your data is safe and secure in one place.

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Tender Management

Effortlessly manage crucial tenders with our software. Track creation, submission, and assessment, ensuring you never miss important dates or documents. Our tender management CRM keeps all your documents in one accessible place for seamless organization.

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Competition Insights

Competition insights are crucial for improving your sales strategies and marketing plans. By carefully analyzing your competitors, you gain valuable insights that can update and enhance your sales and campaign ideas. 

This extensive assessment of your competitors allows you to recognize your  strengths, drawbacks, potential, and challenges, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. With our competition management software, you can easily tag your leads that you lost to a particular competitor. Our competition software enables you to turn your setbacks into opportunities.

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Every module in the Service CRM is integrated into each other to provide meaningful reporting and insights on the sales, service, inventory, and finance. Each sale done leads to creating the service tickets for the serial number sold out. Similarly, the inventory is adjusted with the device outward for sales and inward for repair management. It has its effects on invoice creation which is auto-generated with a click-based on the customer contract.

CRM Automation

The Service CRM software is automated to provide quick and accurate data for sales and leads. Any sales order when executed automatically logs the installation ticket for the device. And also creates the automatic outward challan for delivery. Every process is integrated and automated to provide meaningful and fast execution of sales and services.

CRM Customization

Any new feature to the existing system goes under customization. If you need a specific feature to build into the existing software, you can send us the working flow of the new feature. You need to share the required documents to support it. Customization timelines are shared with the team to ensure proper transparency.

Task Management

You can create and manage multiple tasks in AntMyERP. Each sales member can accordingly create their tasks and activities for the day and can view them in one place. Hence you have control over your sales team’s daily productivity which can be checked and improvised for new business generation.

The team can create their daily timesheet and manage their daily meetings in the system.  So it is easy for them to plan their activities.

Lead Service Feasibility

AntMyERP’s software solutions facilitate cutting-edge experiences, optimized scheduling, self-ticketing and better coaching to the technicians. It, in turn, reduces complexity & costs while making both customers and enterprises happy & delighted.

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Inventory Categorization

AntMyERP gives its user complete and accurate visibility of the inventory status (the hardware devices or the software products). Inventory can be tracked based on its category, whether it is the main product or the spare parts, or the assembled products. Operating with multiple branches or location often makes it difficult to track the inventory. 

The software makes it easy to monitor and analyze the inventory category-wise (product, spares, care packs, toners). Through the software, you can focus on your core business without worrying much about the number of stocks at the office or stock at the client’s place, with serial number or without a serial number, their values, and their status.

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Inventory Control

Welcome to our game-changing Inventory Control System! Picture it as your business superhero – keeping a close eye on your store or warehouse. It helps you know exactly what’s in stock, making informed decisions and ensuring timely stock replenishment.

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Inventory Tracking

The inventory spare management software is meticulously designed to automate and streamline stock movement across all your branches. This powerful tool ensures real-time updates for every device inbound or outbound from the software, granting you unparalleled control and authority over various stock categories with minimal human intervention. In the dynamic Rental Business Model, where tracking device movement is critical, our system excels as inventory tracking is the pain point of many industries.

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Order Fulfilment Software

The Service ERP combines sales and supply chain processes, providing visibility into sales orders and current stock availability for quick and smooth order fulfillment. The Service CRM ensures timely asset purchases, integrating sales orders, purchases, GRN, warehouse management, and order processing—including packaging, shipping, and customer delivery management.

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Warehouse Management

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency is paramount, and effective Warehouse Management Software can be a game-changer. AntMyERP introduces cutting-edge Warehouse Management Software, a single-stop inventory management module designed to elevate your operations to unprecedented heights.

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Purchase Order

Through AntMyERP the user can have the complete status of the customer orders along with the current inventory status. The vendor/ supplier PO can be easily managed and tracked through the software. Items purchased through vendors automatically get adjusted to the inventory at the office. You can manage and track stock availability and accordingly plan your procurement process easily through the software.

The software enables multiple purchase order creation from different suppliers and enables management approval for the same. 

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Inventory Management System Report

Get insightful reporting of stock/ spare consumption, and stock/spare location through AntMyERP. The software enables accurate information on the inventory location (at the office or at the client’s office) with or without serial numbers.

You can get meaningful reports for all stock along with their movement status (all inward and outwards), and their consumption status for all active and non-active products. You can easily analyze your fast-moving, slow-moving, or non-moving goods details with a few simple clicks. See the status of your total stock (overstock, at stock, understock, or out of stock), the purchase ageing, the sales ageing, and the order to ship status for all the inventory. The software gives clear visibility of the stock ordered, stock at present, stock in transit, and stocks to be procured. Hence the entire inventory management is taken care of with a simple and easy-to-use process, thus making the inventory cycle seamless and automated.

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Product Bundling

Through AntMyERP you can easily bundle up different spares to make a primary device. This build product feature enables you to manage different spares converted to a final product to be sold or rented out. You can easily track the device location, the service calls for the device, the health, the breakdown calls, and the spare parts used.

The software enables you, to internally swap the spare parts for different build products at any stage. The user can always keep a track of the parts exchanged for any of the products bundled. Thus, you can carry out your own business with your own process.

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Barcode and QR code

In the fast-paced world of modern business, efficient inventory management is crucial for small business owners. Embracing the power of barcode and QR code technology can revolutionize your operations, providing a seamless experience in tracking, managing, and controlling your inventory.

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Stock profitability can be easily seen through the inventory management at AntMyERP. The user can at any point see the device movement history, their spare parts used history, their breakdown history, and hence analyze the profitability of any particular device. 

Depending upon the business you follow (sales, rent, AMC, MPS) the device profitability can be traced. You get to know your fast-moving, slow-moving, or non-moving products and see their aging at any point in time with just a few clicks. Through the software, you can see and analyze your profit-making devices based on their purchase and sales. The device breakdown calls, and the spares consumed on it give a fair idea of the profit you make on them.

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Employee Repository

Discover the incredible potential of our employee database management software, designed to effortlessly manage all your employee information. Whether you’re a small startup or a big company, our platform is here to help you.

We’ve created a system that brings all your workforce data together in one place, making it easy to manage and organize. With our tools, you’ll have the data you need to make smart decisions and build a happy and efficient team.

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Statutory Management

When it comes to running a successful company, it is important to ensure compliance with statutory regulations. Here at AntMyERP, we recognise that statutory management can be quite challenging. Our full-service Statutory Management software is developed to make your compliance process a bit simpler, reduce risks, and make sure that your business is in compliance with the law.

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Employee Attendance

Our attendance management system is an essential tool for businesses seeking to upgrade their workforce’s productivity. 

Our employee attendance platform encompasses tasks like tracking work hours and creating detailed attendance reports. Our advanced software solutions include capabilities like automation, real-time tracking, and effortless linking with other business applications.AntMyERP’s attendance management system automates HR processes to track employee attendance and generate automatic salaries. It’s a simple way to streamline your payroll procedures. With a computerized system, you can automate the repetitive tasks of payroll, freeing up your time for more important management tasks.

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Leave Management

Welcome to our online leave management system, your key to establishing streamlined, open, and employee-friendly leave management. Through our leave and attendance management system, unlock the foundation of effective leave management for your employees, which will result in building an empowered workflow system.

Our automated software for leave management makes it easy to maintain all the processes of leave for you and your employees.

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Shift Management

AntmyERP’s HR module includes futuristic methods, innovative tools, and user-friendly procedures to assist you through the processes of employee shift management for maximum efficiency at work.

Our staff shift management is an organized rotation schedule that is designed to benefit your employee’s well-being by eliminating exhaustion and encouraging a better balance between work and life.

Easily manage the different shift days and shift timings of your employees with our easy-to-use staff scheduling tool.

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Automated Payroll

Say goodbye to complicated calculations and hello to our automated payroll software, which ensures accurate and timely salaries for your employees. Our CRM is developed to improve all your HR processes, including attendance and payroll. Everything is automated and integrated into our employee payroll management system.

Manage multiple processes using a single software. Our automated payroll software allows you to easily monitor and track overtime. With this data, you can make well-informed financial decisions for your employees.

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Expense Management

Now manage dynamic expense vouchers with AntMyERP. Tracking and managing employee expenses are big tasks in the service industry especially if you have more service engineers. There are many possibilities that you are not able to track the accuracy of the expenses raised by the engineers. Hence there is a need for an automated system that helps you track the accuracy of the expenses. Multiple types of auto and manual expense vouchers can be generated through the Service ERP.

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Mobile Applications

AntMyERP comes with a user-friendly technician mobile app that makes the life of employees and service engineers very easy. The user can check the following six things using the mobile application; Attendance, Leave, Team, Salary, Service, and Expense Voucher.

You can mark your attendance, apply for leave, see your teammates with contact details, and can check their monthly salary.

The mobile app notifies the service engineers of the service tickets assigned to them.  The engineers can also raise expense vouchers from the app.

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Document and Templates

Welcome to our carefully selected collection of tools that are specifically designed to make your work much simpler, improve teamwork, and take your business documentation to the next level.

It’s always a good idea to have document template software in place instead of starting from scratch every time you create a proposal or contract. Here at AntMyERP, we truly recognize the significance of creating effective documents and templates.

Using HR document management software can be a real time-saver! It comes with pre-made documents and templates specifically designed for field service management. You can easily customize these templates to fit your unique needs.

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Task Management

AntMyERP helps you manage your daily task very effectively. Through the software, you can create different tasks and assign them to your team and keep track of it. You can manage your employees’ daily tickets or tasks with their status. You also get a notification for the task created by you, hence chances of missing out on them are negligible. The entire team can manage their own task in one place and ensure the best productivity for the company.

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The HR module’s timesheet is an essential part of our system. The timesheets for employees are important since they help to regulate and monitor employee working hours. 

AntMyERP’s employee time management system offers efficient time-tracking features that save a significant amount of time, help streamline projects, and boost performance. Timesheet management is incredibly easy and cost-effective for everyone, from regular employees to their managers and supervisors,  as it is digitalized, versatile, and entirely automated.

Timesheets have a variety of roles to play for all organizations, such as automating payrolls, calculating shift time, tracking projects, and keeping record of the overall number of hours employees work in a day.

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Reports and Analytics

HR Reporting and Analytics in AntMyERP is an incredibly powerful tool for managing your employees. Not only does it help you keep track of your workforce, but it also offers reporting benefits that provide valuable insights. With ERP HR Report Analytics, generate reports on different aspects, which can assist you in assessing your business and making smart choices regarding where to allocate your time and financial resources.

Our Best HR Reporting & Analytics is designed to help you keep a close eye on your business processes, costs, and performance. With this tool, you can easily track and analyze important data to make informed decisions for your business.

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At AntMyERP, we’re aware of how significant it is for businesses to have a well-connected and seamless HR system.

Welcome to our integrated HRMS. It’s a platform where all your HR processes seamlessly work together, making things more efficient and promoting teamwork. Through the use of our integrated HR software, your organization will be empowered to accomplish success.

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You can generate multiple purchase invoices with just a click. Each transaction of purchase is automated to provide you with easy-to-access bills and invoices. The user can view the purchase register where he has complete visibility of the purchase done from the supplier/ vendor for its different branch locations. You can easily analyze and track the purchase bill and purchase bill returns through the software with information about the employee involved in it. You can easily filter your purchase register with multiple parameters and can download it in an excel format for use.

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When you start with Ant MyERP, it helps you manage your current inventory in the system. You can enter your opening stock manually or through an import facility. The inventory gets added whenever there is a purchase done through the system or whenever you add it through the opening stock. You track the inventory’s current location, whether at the office or client location. The user can also add or reduce inventory through inventory adjustment. The user can view the closing stock for all the categories of products with or without serial numbers. You can easily manage and track your stocks or products with their status of active or inactive.

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Multiple Warehouse

The Field Service Management Software, AntMyERP allows you to manage multiple locations for the warehouse and manage the finances for all. It helps you track all your stocks located at each warehouse and accordingly plan your sourcing and dispatch for the sales. All data is integrated to provide you with collaborated and centralized data for all locations of the warehouse and helps in the accurate and fast supply chain management process.

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You can analyze the sales done for the current month as well as for the current financial year. You get visibility of the top clients contributing to your revenue. You can manage multiple clients/ customer invoices in one place. For any sales done the software automatically generates the invoice type with a single click. Thus, your process becomes easy and fast and the teamwork and efficiency are improved. You can easily view the sales register with all the customer’s invoices in one place along with their status. You get an additional view option for the invoice, which is a classic view and a normal view.

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Assets Management

AntMyERP helps manage all your assets: stock or fixed assets in one place. You can track the billing information for each asset purchased or maintained with their location. The billing for each asset is tracked with its client’s movement, along with its depreciation value. Thus, the team can analyze the life of an asset, depending upon its usage, breakdown calls, and timeframe, and accordingly plan for procurement. It gives the assets profitability reports where you can identify the profit percentage of the asset maintained by you.

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Bank and Cash

The bank and cash can be effectively managed through AntMyERP. It helps you maintain and manage your banks in the software and allows you to track your bank transactions. You can manage the bank-to-bank transaction, account balances, payments to vendors, payments received from clients, bills, the salary, and vouchers to employees. The software also helps in managing petty cash, where you can manage their entries, the tracking of cash in hand, and the cash issued to employees. You can always have track of the bank and cash transactions and balances of money for both.


AntMyERP is an automated software where each module of purchase and sales is automated. The software automates the process of purchase, sales, and expense vouchers. Hence you do not need to worry much about doing so many entries into the system, as it is automatically taken care of. Generating multiple invoices at a click has become a reality with AntMyERP. All invoices are automatically generated and bills can be made as fast as you would have ever thought. It makes life easy for the accounts team, who has to spend lots of hours preparing them.

Expense Management

Automated expense management makes it easier for the accounts team and the management to track the expense vouchers created by the employees. There are multiple types of auto and manual expense vouchers that can be generated through the software. As per the rules set by you for expense reimbursement and approval the employees get paid for the expense claims.

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Payment and Receipt

You can track all the payments made to the vendors/ suppliers and can also track all the payments received from the customers. You can easily make manual receipt entry for payment received and entry for payment made could be seen as well. The system allows you to send relevant pdf documents to customers for their reference. Thus, all payments and receipts information is easily available in one place. Hence you have full control of the transaction you do with your vendor or with your customers for sales and purchase activities.


We can integrate your finance and accounting software with AntMyERP. All you need to do is provide us with the API Key so that we can integrate your current software with AntMyERP to provide meaningful output.

Reports and Analytics

You get complete visibility of your finances and the transactions. You can easily analyse your sales revenue for the current fiscal year. You also have clarity of the sales done, and the details of the payment outstanding. You can have complete profitability reporting business-wise, the reports on expenses, the bank, and cash reports, and the payment and receipt reports. The software gives clarity on the tax liabilities, the sundry debtors and creditors, and the bank accounts you manage.

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Asset Lifecycle Management

A well-managed and optimized asset management system is the foundation of any business. Our advanced asset lifecycle management software is your one-stop solution for simplifying, enhancing, and redefining the way you handle your valuable assets.

AntMyERP helps you manage and track all your valuable assets throughout their lifecycle. Manage your asset procurement, sales, service, and disposal through our asset tracking software. 

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Assets Categorization

Categorize your assets with precision at our service ERP. Create multiple levels of asset categorization through our IT asset management software.

For example, if you have different categories for computing devices, which could be further subcategorized into desktops and laptops and further subcategorized into laptops for commercial or business purposes.

Our software understands and systematically categorizes your assets, which can be an important aspect of your enterprise.

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Warranty Management

Your ultimate solution to warranty assurance is at AntMyERP.

Our warranty management software is all about keeping our vendors informed. It’s how we believe businesses guarantee their assets meet expectations, and if anything goes wrong, they have an action plan for fixing it.

Successfully manage your assets with our product warranty management system. Manage the purchase/vendor warranty for your assets as well as the customer warranty for the assets you issue to your vendors.

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Assets Bundling

The software gives you a specific feature where you can bundle different spares to make a final device or asset. Through this IT asset management software, the user can very easily assemble parts and create a primary device that can be sold, rented out, or consumed for self-business purposes.

You can track the spare parts used in the primary device during any breakdown calls. The parts can be swapped and can be easily maintained through the software.

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Create an organized and reliable workplace for your team with our Asset Management Integration. 

Our IT asset management software is developed to integrate with your various software solutions and programs to work together seamlessly and efficiently.

Enter the possibility of IT equipment tracking software, where you can now experience the combination of your distinct asset management tools. Through this integration, carefully monitor, manage, and optimize your assets.

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Warranty Extension Management

Acquire the benefit of AntMyERP’s exemplary Warranty Extension Management software, where your reliability is not just maintained but also extended. Experience the process by which your business and vendors can benefit, leading to continuous profitability even after the first purchase of your assets.

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Reports and Insights

AntMyERP provides you insightful reports on your assets which makes your IT asset management and tracking simplified and easy. The software helps you analyse your asset, its life cycle, its health, its current location, tagging, it’s categories. It gives meaningful reporting readily available in one place. You do not need to take device reporting from different teams as it is easily available at your fingertips.

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Vendor Management

Through the field service management software, you can manage multiple vendor contacts, their contacts, and their devices. You can maintain as many vendors as you want in the system which is readily available at your tips. AntMyERP allows you to track all vendor information, their contracts, the devices, and their warranties. The software allows multiple vendor logins which can be used by them to successfully attend the service calls assigned to them. Hence the outsourced vendor service management is also taken care of effectively

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Purchase Requisition

The purchasing of raw materials or assets can be made easy and simplified by the use of effective and automated software. AntMyERP makes your purchase requisition much more simplified and convenient. It allows you to make purchase requests of devices for stock or for assets. The purchasing team can very seamlessly make requests for products with their cost estimates and wait for their approval. The user can at any point track all purchase requests raised as per employees wise, date wise, product wise, purchase type wise, and status wise.

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Purchase Order

Through the purchase management feature of AntMyERP, you can raise the purchase order to the vendor, and approve it for further process. The software makes the purchase cycle easy and the way you manage your business. The purchase order format is based on your business needs and makes data easily available in one place. Hence the purchasing activity becomes easy and seamless. You can manage and track all your purchase orders in one place without searching for files.

You can track all PO that is pending, accepted, rejected, and converted to contract. You can also track the short supplies from vendors with multiple search criteria based on your own requirement. This gives the complete status of the purchase materials received or pending or the short supply.

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GRN Management

Goods Return Note Management is very efficiently managed through AntMyERP. The software gives you the facility to take the GRN of devices received from the suppliers or vendors into the system. Once the GRN is taken with the proper serial number and is confirmed, the software automatically creates the inward challan into the system. Once the inward challan is created the software automatically sends the device for an inward quality check. The device can be checked for quality and updated in the software. It can be returned to the vendor if found non-working or faulty. This is how the complete GRN management is effectively taken care of with AntMyERP.

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Lead for Purchase

A vendor can be our supplier and can be our client as well. Many companies which do e-waste management can effectively manage their purchase as their sales process. Hence the leads for purchase can be managed with ease through AntMyERP. The system gives you the feature where you can manage multiple leads for purchase like you manage the leads for sales management.

Through the software, you can add leads for purchase, edit them, follow up on them, qualify them for purchase, disqualify it, and add to loss if lost to competitors. You can also raise sales purchase orders for products. Thus, the software proves helpful for companies who are into e-waste management and do the purchase as their sales. Hence their sales process for purchase can be managed and tracked with perfection and a meaningful reporting structure.

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Reports and Insights

Through this purchase management software, you can get meaningful and insightful reporting on all your purchase processes. With AntMyERP you can make better purchase decisions to acquire resources at the best cost and the best quality.

AntMyERP helps you right from Purchase Requisition, Procurement, Quotation, Ordering, Receipt, and Invoicing. You get accurate statistics on your suppliers’ performance through flexible reporting: delivery delays, negotiated discounts on prices, and quantities purchased. Thus, the software provides accurate and informed data on the vendors, purchase orders, short supplies, quotations along with their status. The software allows you to manage your purchase process the way you do your own business and makes it readily available for management decision making

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The purchase process is completely automated with AntMyERP.  The software helps create a purchase process that automatically sends purchase requisitions to the concerned team for approval. And once approved you can send PO to the vendor. Thus, the purchase or procurement process is automated to maximize its efficiency and also reduce the time taken in the purchase cycle.

All your purchase is done automatically with just a few clicks. The purchasing activities are reflected in each module like the operations or the supply chain, the inventory, the asset, and the finance. Hence managing and tracking are effective and seamless with AntMyERP.

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The operation team can plan the sourcing activities with AntMyERP. Through the software, you can plan your vendor partners, and your logistics partners and manage their multiple contacts and contracts. You can schedule your task through the software so that things are done on time and you can ensure the best budget purchase.

Through proper planning, the team members can effectively schedule tasks and choose appropriate vendors and logistics companies to ensure a smooth supply chain. In the software, you can add as many vendors, companies, or sourcing partners, which are readily available for use while doing any transaction. With the help of this software, you never lose sight of any transaction and every process is under your own control. Thus, you can ensure each and every transaction or operational activities to be effective and flawless.

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The field service management software helps your business run smoothly with the easy-to-use procurement process. The team can analyze actual procurement requirements with the help of AntMyERP. The team can have clear statistics on materials to be procured. They can have the purchase requisition data and can accordingly plan the procurement with the appropriate vendor at the best quote. The software gives features of multiple quotations where you can have various quotes for comparison and analysis. Hence the team can ensure accurate procurement data and accordingly plan your purchase.

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Product Bundling

The Supply chain and operations software makes the bundling of spare parts much easier and more convenient. Through AntMyERP you can easily manage the purchase of these bundled products and manage their sales or rent. All inward parts of the spare parts are very effectively tracked and maintained in records. So, the team has clear visibility of the spares taken inward for assembling or for repair purposes. The operation team can have alerts for material received or outward for delivery. Thus, bundled products can be very easily managed through AntMyERP.

Delivery and Logistics

AntMyERP allows you to manage logistics partners in the system where you can maintain and integrate your logistics process and manage the deliveries of the products. The software helps you tag each product with unique serial numbers. Every product or material received after purchase can be tracked effectively with the software. You can scan devices through a barcode scanner, print barcodes, and send them to the customers. Hence there is no need for external software to print barcodes. In a similar way, the dispatch and delivery can be managed and tracked easily with AntMyERP. The user can at any point check the stock’s status, location, and movement history.

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Return Management

In material return management, every process of return is effectively managed. The device return could be for repair or for replacement. Through AntMyERP each process of return is effectively managed with complete accuracy. You can create a manual inward challan for devices returned back for repair or replacement.

Through the software, you can easily track all devices for return from any client. After a proper quality check, the device is sent for repair/ replacement and the entire process is captured into the system. Hence missing out on the devices taken inward is minimal. You can easily manage the process of the device being returned back to the client with accurate information about the device. The team can ensure timely delivery to the clients as they get automated data for each process into the system.

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AntMyERP provides a platform where you can sync and integrate your delivery process with your current logistics company. You can very easily integrate any logistics API with AntMyERP and make your life easy. Tracking your dispatched material till its delivery becomes seamless and easy with this integration. You can manage many logistics companies or shipping carriers through the API integration at the same time and track the exact delivery status. You can anytime check and update your client on the same. 

Once the material is delivered to the client, AntMyERP automatically logs the installation call tickets, where the engineers are assigned to do the installation of the devices. Hence without much effort, your process becomes easy and you do not need to run after engineers for the device installation.


Each module in AntMyERP is interlinked with each other to provide you with a complete view of your business. The software has automated features that allow you to reduce your manual task and perform the job fast. Any activity relating to the purchase or dispatch of material gets automated. Once the dispatch is done, the software automatically shares the delivery update with the users.

The software creates automatic installation tickets immediately after the product delivery and the tickets get assigned to the service engineers for installation. Thus the time spent on operational activities is reduced to a huge extent with the use of AntMyERP. You can ensure timely and accurate data regarding sourcing, purchase, dispatch, quality check, and delivery.

Reports and Insights

AntMyERP gives accurate and insightful reports on the logistics and supply chain processes. The software throws insights into the sourcing requisition, approval status, purchase order creation, comparison, and actual purchase contracts. The software gives accurate data of the inward challans created for the products sourced. It also keeps a record of any devices inward for repair or returns. It creates digital reports that can be sent to the clients along with the bar code and serial number so that tracking becomes easy. Similarly, the software maintains a record for all the outward challans and delivery registers created into the system. Thus, you have full control over your business operations.

The tagging and labeling of devices are hassle-free with AntMyERP. You can check the dispatch status for any of your devices and simultaneously it gives you a notification of delivery updates. AntMyERP also gives you effective reporting on stock transfer locations. Through this, you can easily track and see all stocks transferred from one location to other branches with their proper tagging. The software makes the life of the user easy and tension free as almost all of the information is available in one place with proper notifications and alerts on time. So, the chances of missing out become negligible as data is synchronized and readily available for use.

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Task in one place

AntMyERP helps you arrange all your tasks in one place. Any task created into the systems is stored and maintained and is readily available for tracking. Through the software, you can create multiple tasks for yourself, clients, and vendors and track them. Even the clients can track the task assigned to them from your side on their client portal. All tasks created go under the open tickets and the user can anytime analyse the open ticket and work on them. The software tracks all notes and tasks with their history and also maintains documents attached to each task.

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Calendar and Reminder

AntMyERP allows you to create internal as well as external meetings or tasks and manage the calendar for the day, week, or month. Since you have all your pending tasks and meetings in one place, tracking becomes easy. You can effectively plan your to-do list for the day based on your calendar. 

The reminder feature of AntMyERP helps you manage your task dues on time. With a single click, you can check all your current date pending tasks or activities. The software also allows you to track all pending approval activities which are due for your approval. It could be the approval for purchase, approval for sales orders, purchase order, leaves, or expense vouchers. 

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Task Management Reports

You can get insightful reporting on task management where you can view and track all your daily tasks. You can manage tasks and timesheets for all your employees and ensure their timely completion.  With the use of AntMyERP, you can efficiently plan your day and schedule your tasks and meetings. The management knows where the employees’ time is being spent. Hence they can guide them and check on their productivity with the use of this task management. The tickets let you plan your day and schedule your next appointments accordingly. 

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Team Collaboration

AntMyERP ensures proper team collaboration, as you can set and create tasks for your teammates. You very well know which member is working on which ticket along with their status. You can easily assign tasks and tickets to your employees and keep a track of them. You do not need to ask every time as each piece of information is easily available in one place. Thus, you can ensure proper team coordination and collaboration through this task management software.

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The software process is completely automated. Any task or ticket created into the system has its effects on other modules. Any ticket whether lead, service, pick up or internal task created into the system has its effects on the various modules. The process is automated and thus reduces the time consumed for manual and multiple entries. The processes are synchronised and hence it ensures fast and timely action to any job or task.

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