& Insights

Reports and insights are very important in the growth of any business. Using Purchase ERP will allow you to get insightful and practical reporting on all of your purchasing activities. With AntMyERP, it is possible to make wiser purchasing decisions to obtain resources at the best possible price and quality. Using these reports, you may get accurate statistics on your suppliers’ performance through flexible reporting: delivery delays, negotiated discounts on prices, and quantities purchased.

& Insights

Purchase Orders and Products

First and foremost in our ERP Purchasing System are the reports on Purchase Orders and Products. These are the detailed reports of purchased products. The AntMyERP software provides accurate and informed data on purchase orders along with their status. Using the software, you can track the Purchase Order Date, Purchase Order Number, Inward Date, Inward Challan Number, Product Name, Vendor Name, and Serial Number. 

Using the report and the valuable insight, you can ensure which vendor takes the least time to deliver the product and you can accordingly send your purchase order to the most deserving vendor.

Purchase Lead Management

The ERP Purchasing System is incomplete without Purchase Lead Reporting and Insights. These reports assist you in analyzing the complete details and statistics of all the purchases made or the purchase inquiries created. With the help of these reports, you can analyze your strategies and rework them if needed.

Purchase Lead Analytics

Total Purchase Lead Analytics give a complete insight into the total purchase leads that have been created, like how many of them have been converted and on which date, along with many other beneficial details necessary for the business to know. 

To get an insight into the monthly purchase lead analysis of teams on the basis of leads and the amount, Purchase Lead Monthly Report are available. 

Purchase Lead Order Expected

Lead Order Expected reports that give an insight into when the purchase order is expected. It returns you data on how many orders are expected today, tomorrow, in the current week and month.

Similarly to make your job even easier, Follow-Up Purchase Lead reports give you easy insight into all the leads that need a follow-up and when.

Purchase Lead By Amount

Purchase Lead By Amount reports give a graphical representation of the statistics of the amount generated from the purchase leads based on their source, business type, team member and various other factors along with the sales team reports for an effective management of the lead.

Vendor Management System

These reports provide information on which vendors you have submitted purchase orders to, compare POs, and assist you in making a final selection. You can also compare previous deals to make an informed decision and have the best experience. These reports can make the entire vendor management process simple, clear, and straightforward.

Contract Renewal Reports are other very important reports that assist the users in analyzing the data on the contracts that have been finalized, awaiting renewal, expired, or terminated. To get the location of the vendors on Google Maps, AntMyERP provides Vendor Location on Map Reports.

Reports on Sales Team

Sales Team Reports and Insights are an important decisive factor in the performance of the sales team members in the Purchase Module in ERP. 

Another major analytics when analyzing the sales team performance is the Sales Team Lead For Purchase reports. These reports give an insight into the best-performing salesperson’s sales data on the leads they have generated in a month, the lead value, their conversion rate and much more. All these statistics are available in easily downloadable files for easier access. 

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