About Us

Ours is a story of a humble beginning. We started as a multi-brand sales and support reseller of printers and copiers in 2000.

In 2008, we started our Managed Print Services across India for our onsite service support.

Gradually and over the years we built our support infrastructure over 5894 towns all over the country. A feat by itself. However, size also proves to be a unique challenge, as liaising with support engineers and clients showed us that we need a better system to manage such a geographically spread-out business.

We could not find any technology solution for our needs and therefore, decided to build our own Service ERP system with Field Service Management Software as the core. Very soon, looking at its success, our business partners started requesting the Service ERP Solution for themselves.

Thus was born AntMyERP. If you like our story, follow our blog and we shall continue sharing our evolution!!

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