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Maintaining and managing business operations on a manual basis in today’s fast-paced world is almost impossible. Moreover, tracking delicate things like business spare parts is quite a challenge. Spare parts are the tiniest commodities, agreed. Yet, in most cases, they come with a huge price tag. Hence, no business can afford spare parts’ daily misplacement. 

That said, only an intelligent Spare Parts Inventory Management Software can save the business world in the short future.


Tracking of Data

Easily record the data of all the spare parts in your possession under a specific company name, assigned technician and issue date. Get insights into your spare parts inventory anytime through our Spare Parts Management Software’s digital dashboard.

Immediately find how many spare parts are in use individually or collectively for a service or group of services using our spare parts digital management portal. Also, keep an eye on the in-house spare parts stock and generate alerts to the vendor when it hits the lower threshold limit.

Assigning Spare Parts

Thoughtfully deliberate the essential spare part to the required services to complete. Assign different spare parts to the technician directly via the online platform necessary for the assigned service or group of services. This can be done using the Technician Mobile App service of AntMyERP aiding in efficient and error-free Management.

Spare Parts Approval

Approve or reject the spare part request done by any technician straight through the software. Notify them about the current availability of a particular spare part and ask them to reschedule the field service time according to future availability through our spare parts management mobile app.

AntMyERP's Unique Spare Parts Management Software

Register a freshly-acquired spare part by inserting its serial number through the software’s digital dashboard. Allow technicians to request a new spare part via the app with a few taps to use it for any pending field services.

Track down all the pending requests by technicians for issuing spare parts to be used in any device. Get insights into the delay time, the current status of the request and the action required by the spare parts coordinator on the spot via software.

Know all the approved spare parts requests on the portal based on the company name, date and ticket number. Find the quantity of approved spare parts for a product and access its challan number and date without further ado.

See the list of all rejected spare parts requests through our Spare Parts Inventory Management Software. Mention the reason for rejection, update the real-time status and find details of the manager who rejected the request quickly.

Maintain an online register of all the defective spare parts returned to your enterprise either by the customer or vendor. Decide which defective spare part to send for repair and which to eliminate from the possession, therefore, saving costs.

Spare Parts Consumption Report

Download auto-generated spare parts consumption reports per month for a single customer and vendor. Analyze those reports to find whether the spare parts consumption by each company is profitable for your business or not, and make future decisions accordingly.

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