With AntMyERP, the purchasing process may be fully automated. The program aids in the development of a purchasing procedure that automatically forwards purchase requests to the relevant team for review. Once the PO has been accepted, you can send it to the vendor, make a contract, and take the GRN for the delivered products. As a result, the procurement or purchase process is automated to increase its efficiency and shorten the buying cycle.


Automated Purchasing Systems

All purchasing actions can be carried out automatically with the aid of AntMyERP Automated Purchase Systems in a matter of clicks. These purchasing actions are also reflected in other categories like operations, supply chain, inventory, assets, and finance. Because of this, AntMyERP software helps manage and track the purchase processes easier and effectively.

Creating Purchase Order

With the aid of the numerous templates offered by the Purchase Order Automation System, you can easily and quickly Automate Purchase Orders. With ready-to-use templates available in the software, it is less likely that any important information will be overlooked when creating the Purchase Order.

These POs can also be copied and pasted, and with a single button click and a few changes, several POs for various vendors can be created within a few minutes. The purchase orders may be generated in three different ways like creating PO directly and with the lead generation and many more.

PO Acceptance

Obtaining the required approvals is an important step in PO management. The PO cannot be sent to the vendor without its acceptance by the concerned team. This can be done easily using AntMyERP  Purchase Order Automation software.

While tagging the PO for approval, you may quickly assign the PO to the concerned person, place it under the approvals page of AntMyERP, and track the request status, authorization status, and any comments made by the management and finance team.

Creating Contract

By downloading the PO and emailing it to the vendor or by sending the PO directly to the vendor via the corresponding email ID, you can automate purchase orders and easily submit the PO to the vendor.

The Automated Purchasing System enables you to accept the purchase order in AntMyERP’s purchase order system software after the vendor verifies it. The entire team can now see the accepted status while also maintaining the system’s complete transparency. Once accepted the PO is converted into a contracted document and the dispatch activities are carried out by the vendor. 

Taking GRN

The Goods Received Note (GRN) is a record for future use, whenever necessary or if disputes arise, and it serves as evidence of the parties’ compliance with their contractual responsibilities. 

After the vendor and you have signed a contract, you may see all of your open purchase orders using the AntMyERP system in one place. You can take the products’ GRNs and input them into the system after delivery. For this, you can provide valid serial numbers for the devices or items you have received from vendors. The quantity of the products can be utilized to take in the GRN if the serial number is not available.

The automation of the GRN process ensures the seamless working of the complete GRN process. 

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