Best Purchase Management software to manage your Purchase Orders and Vendor Performance.

Effective Vendor Management to maintain Inventory in time for quick Sales is possible with AntMyERP

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Vendor Management

The Service ERP helps you manage unlimited vendors/ suppliers who can be your procurement partners, service partners, and logistics partners.

With the field service management software, you can manage multiple vendor contacts, their contracts, and their devices. You can maintain as many vendors as you want in the system which is readily available at your fingertips.

AntMyERP allows you to track all vendor information, their contracts, the devices, and their warranties. The software allows multiple vendor logins which can be used by them to successfully attend the service calls assigned to them. Hence the outsourced vendor Service Management is also taken care of effectively.

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Purchase Requisition

The purchase of raw materials or assets can be made easy and simplified with an effective and automated software. AntMyERP makes your purchase requisition much more simplified and convenient. It allows you to make purchase requests of devices for stock or for assets. The purchasing team can very seamlessly make requests for products with their cost estimates and wait for its approval. The user can at any point track all purchase requests raised.

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Requisition Approval

You can make purchase requests for the items/ devices for stock or assets. The purchasing team can make a purchase requisition to the management or the concerned team for approval. It is easy to raise requests for the purchase of products with an appropriate cost estimate. You can also track the requisition approval from all employees. It has various levels of authorization for approval by the management and by the finance team.

Request for Quotation

Through this purchase management software, you can raise multiple requests for quotations from different vendors. The software allows you to make quotation requests in an easy-to-use format with all fields required in it. You can also make a purchase request for the same products from different vendors and keep track in one place. Thus, it reduces the manual time taken to do these works.

Vendor Quotation Comparison

The software allows you to compare the quotations received from different vendors. You can track all quotations and do a comparison for the best quotes for your company. You can always ask for new or revised quotations from vendors and track and maintain them all for future references.

Purchase Order

The purchase management software helps you raise multiple purchase order to the vendors. The Purchase CRM software makes the purchase process simple and effective. You can easily track the purchase requisition, the purchase orders and the status of each. You can track the short supply from the vendors.

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Types of Purchase Order

You can raise Purchase Orders as per your business model. The service CRM gives the flexibility to raise multiple purchase orders to different vendors. You can track all your PO as per your business-like sales, rent, and AMC. You can edit a PO, copy it for other vendors, accept it, reject it, or convert it to contracts. 


With the Purchase CRM software, the user can approve the purchase order received by vendors or suppliers. The approval system in the software makes it transparent for the entire team and it makes the purchase decision easy. There are various levels of authorization in the software which can be used during the purchase cycle.


AntMyERP makes purchase order tracking very effective and readily available at your fingertips. You can manage all your PO from different vendors in one place. You get different search criteria to manage your PO, hence you can have your customized purchase order tracking based on your own need.

GRN Management

GRN is very efficiently managed with the Service ERP. The Purchase CRM Software gives you the facility to take GRN of devices received from the suppliers or vendors. The software automatically creates the inward challan for all GRN and automatically sends the device for an inward quality check. The device is checked for quality and returned back to the vendor if found non-working or faulty.

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Once you sign a contract with the vendor you can view all your open Purchase orders in one place. You can take GRN for your devices or products received from vendors by proving the accurate serial numbers. Once the GRN is confirmed the software creates an automatic inward challan into the system. And you can track all your devices through their challan numbers.

Quality Check

The products or devices once inward into the system go to automatic quality check. You can assign your device to a particular employee for a quality check and keep a track of it. The quality check team can perform the quality check of the device and then upload the status or any document and again assign it back to the team for future processes. This ensures a fast and effective supply chain process.

Return Management

The user can manage the return of the device found non-working after the quality check. You have the facility to send it back to the vendor with proper billing and invoicing in place. You can effectively manage the return process or the repair process with the vendor.

Lead for Purchase

The Purchase ERP is very effective for companies who are into refurbished business and manage their purchase business through lead management. AntMyERP helps you manage your e-waste management business effectively.

A vendor can be our supplier and can be our client as well. Many companies which do e-waste management can effectively manage their purchase as they do the CRM sales process. Hence the leads for purchase can be managed with ease through the Service CRM, AntMyERP. 

The field service management software allows you to add leads for purchase, edit them, follow up on them, qualify them for purchase, disqualify it, and add to loss if lost to competitors. You can also raise sales purchase orders for products. You can manage and track all leads for the purchase with the purchase CRM.

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Reports and Insights

With the Field Service management software, you can get meaningful and insightful reporting on all your purchase processes. You can make better purchase decisions for the assets at the best cost and the best quality.

AntMyERP helps you right from Purchase Requisition, Procurement, Quotation, Ordering, Receipt and Invoicing. You get accurate statistics on your suppliers’ performance through flexible reporting, delivery delays, negotiated discounts on prices, and quantities purchased. Thus, the software provides accurate and informed data on the vendors, purchase orders, short supplies, quotations along with their status. The process is integrated with Sales, Inventory, and Supply Chain and provides meaningful decisions for effective business operation.

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The Purchase CRM software automates your business process to provide accurate and effective data. You get to know your orders received for your products and you can also check for their current availability in the inventory. Each process of Sales, Service, Inventory and Supply Chain is automated and integrated with each other.

The Purchase ERP software helps to get accurate information on the sales orders received from the customers and shows the current Inventory status for the fast supply chain process. You can create a purchase requisition that goes for approval. And once approved you can send PO to the vendor.

The process is automated to provide efficiency and it also reduces the time taken in the purchase cycle. The procurement activity is reflected in each module of the service ERP like supply chain, inventory, asset, finance, and sales. 

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