Warehouse management plays a key role in enabling businesses to meet their productivity goals. 

AntMyERP is a warehouse management software that makes it easy to manage inventory across multiple warehouses. The entire process, from order sourcing from suppliers to short-term warehousing, quality testing, packaging, and delivery to customers, is seamlessly handled by Service CRM.


Delivery Register System

Warehouse management software automates processes like dispatching orders, tracking vehicles and deliveries, and planning routes. In this way, companies can achieve full logistical transparency and on-time delivery with the least possible resources and costs.

AntMyERP is one of the best inventory management software in India which gives a platform for companies to manage their stock and orders and to keep track of their inventory and orders with their location and part names. It also helps in the tracking and putting of inventory locations and the confirmation of dispatches.

Stock Transfer Management

Stock transfers are done by warehouse management software that tracks transactions and maintains accurate and up-to-date records. Maintaining these records and ensuring that everything is done in the most efficient and accurate manner can be very challenging. That is why many companies are turning to stock transfer services.

Stock Transfer Location

The transfer of stock is a critical step in the development of any company, and it can slow down or even halt the growth of a company if the transfers are not done quickly and efficiently.

AntMyERP is one of the best inventory management software which helps in stock transfer along with its location, with its parts name, company name, date, location, etc.

Inward Challan Generation

A formal document made in situations where goods are intended to be taken in. It is very important to have a systematic entry of every intended item entry with its source of origin.

AntMyERP assists in tracking and entering inventory locations and intended entries which include the vendor’s name, the customer’s name, the branch, and the product serial number.

Outward challan Generation

Since many small and medium enterprises use the transaction for their stock, it’s essential to keep track of their stock levels. AntMyERP helps in making the outward delivery with a Challan that informs the authorities of the goods that have been shipped with all the information effectively.

Inventory Stock Transfer

Inventory stock transfer represents the process in warehouse logistics of moving goods from one part of the distribution chain to another. In general, reallocation aims to optimize storage capacity according to a specific strategy.

When a company issues stock, it needs to track transactions and maintain accurate and up-to-date shareholder records. Maintaining these records, maintaining regulatory compliance, and ensuring that everything is done in the most efficient and accurate manner can be very challenging. AntMyERP provides the facility to check the stock and transactions of different inventories effectively.

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