ant my erp


& Insight

The Field Service management software give insightful reporting on the inventory spares. It gives complete visibility of the stock consumption, stock location for all devices with or without serial number. You get stock movement history which gives the details of the device inward and outward for customers. You can easily analyze the fast moving, slow moving and non-moving inventory and plan your stocks in advance. You have visibility of current ordered stock and the current stock status. This integrated software completely automates the purchase, sales and supply chain process giving control over the inventory.

& Insight

Get insightful reporting of stock/ spare consumption, and stock/spare location through Ant My ERP. The software enables accurate information of the inventory location (at the office or at the client’s office) with or without serial numbers.

You can get meaningful reports of all stock along with their movement status ( inward and outward), and their consumption status for all active and non-active products. You can easily analyze your fast-moving, slow-moving, or non-moving goods details with a few simple clicks. See the status of your total stock (overstock, at stock, understock, or out of stock), the purchase ageing, the sales ageing, and the order to ship status for all the inventory. The software gives clear visibility of the stock ordered, stock at present, stock in transit, and stocks to be procured. Hence the entire inventory management is taken care of with a simple and easy-to-use process, thus making the inventory cycle seamless and automated.

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