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Mastering Sales Order Management Strategies

You can use the sales order management software to analyze sales for both the current month and the current financial year. It allows you to see which customers have most significantly increased your revenue and what impact does they have on your sales. 

Using the AntMyERP software, multiple customer’s invoices can be managed in one location and with only one click, the system can instantly generate an invoice for each sale. 

AntMyERP makes sales order management more effective. It also enhances both teamwork and productivity. You may quickly examine the sales register, which gathers all of the clients’ invoices and displays their status in one location. The software also offers the choice of a classic view or a conventional view for the invoice.

Mastering Sales Order Management Strategies

Sales Return

You may easily manage the sales return with the aid of the service CRM. In the service industry, we manage multiple clients and products, and managing the sales returns becomes tedious. You need to maintain documents to track the product returned after-sales and then manage their invoices accordingly. Using this software, you can accurately track the sales return which is generated automatically with a single click. It can further be sent to customers for subsequent billing and further processing. 


You can properly manage the debtors for the sales return with the aid of AntMyERP. You can create a sale return invoice and send it to customers once the sales return is complete. The software keeps track of both the sales debit and the sales return credit amount. After the sales return invoice is delivered to clients for all the customers, sales order management software makes it simple to trace the remaining balance payment. Subsequently, you do not need to look up individuals or documents to identify your debtors.

Sales Invoice

With appropriate process automation, AntMyERP assists you in streamlining sales order management. It provides all of the sales invoices in one location with comprehensive visibility. You can easily keep track of client bills organized by date, as well as the approval and payment statuses. The sales register is available for easy download as an excel file and you can utilize it as a reference. The sales register gives information on the sales invoices type, invoice number, and customers with their branches. The CRM Sales Software also gives you the flexibility to create invoices automatically, semi automatic and manually.

Automatic Invoicing

You may automatically create invoices for all of the contracts that your company closes by using sales order management software. The technology is capable of automatically pulling information from the contract and creating an invoice for it. Users of the system may also see, modify, delete, or regenerate any invoices that were produced by it.

Semi Automatic Invoicing

If you don’t want technology to handle all the work for you, CRM Sales Software enables you to strike a balance by entering certain information manually and leaving other information to the technology. The system allows you to pick and fill in a few fields automatically while also allowing you to manually enter the invoice number, business type, and other necessary information. Semi-automatic invoice generation is the best option if you want to create an invoice that is more tailored to your needs.

Manual Invoices

There are few invoices that you might want to generate manually. The software gives you flexibility to generate an invoice manually using the traditional methodology where you would type each and every detail. Generating invoices manually gives you power to manually select and frame the invoice number unlike in Automatic invoices where the invoices are given an auto-generated serial invoice number.

Point of Sale

The most frequent sales process handled by our CRM sales software is point of sale. The act of creating invoices for the goods purchased by consumers based on their unique identifiers or bar codes is known as point of sales and is typically utilized by retail establishments. Using the Sales Order Management Software the bar code of the products can be scanned or you can manually feed their unique Id to automatically generate the invoice. It can also automatically fetch the existing customer’s details or save the details of the new customers, thus making the complete process of generating Point of Sale invoicing effective.

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