Why isn’t the vendor name visible when creating service tickets in AntMyERP?

If you’re unable to see the vendor name while logging a service ticket in AntMyERP, it’s likely because the system requires a preliminary step to associate the vendor with the service ticket. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Initiate a Visit Purchase Order:

Before assigning the service call to a vendor, you need to create a “Visit Purchase Order” to establish a formal connection between the vendor and the service ticket.
Step 2: Create a Visit Purchase Order:

Access the appropriate section in AntMyERP to create a “Visit Purchase Order.”
Fill in the necessary details, including the vendor’s name and other relevant information.
Step 3: Associate Service Ticket with the Visit Purchase Order:

Once the Visit Purchase Order is created, return to the service ticket.
Look for an option to associate the ticket with the Visit Purchase Order or vendor.
Link the service ticket to the Visit Purchase Order you’ve just created.
Step 4: Assign the Call to Vendor:

With the service ticket linked to the Visit Purchase Order, you should now be able to assign the call to the vendor for further assistance.

What is a Visit Purchase Order, and why is it needed for vendor assignment?

Visit Purchase Order is a formal document that establishes an arrangement with a vendor for specific services or tasks. It outlines the details of the service request, the vendor’s responsibilities, and any associated costs. In AntMyERP, creating a Visit Purchase Order is a prerequisite for assigning service calls to vendors, ensuring a clear and organized process for service request management.

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