How can I change the product category of a product in AntMyERP?

Log in to AntMyERP: Access your AntMyERP account by logging in with your credentials.

Check Admin Access: Ensure that you have admin, superadmin, or the necessary permissions to access the Settings.

Navigate to Settings: Once logged in, navigate to the Settings.

Access Masters: Within the Settings, locate and access the Masters section.

Select CRM Sales: From the available options, choose CRM Sales.

Choose the Product: Inside the CRM Sales locate the Product tab. Search for and select the specific product for which you want to change the category.

Initiate Editing: Identify the action icon next to the chosen product and click on it. Select the “Edit” function.

Make the Changes: In the editing interface, you’ll be able to modify the product details. Change the product’s category from the dropdown and then save the changes and exit.

Please note that once a product that has been assigned to a specific serial number category, it can be changed to another serial number category, but not to a category without serial numbers, and vice versa.

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