How can I add Product in Proposal with different GST details?

CRM sales system is where you can create a proposal for a unit and add products with different GST details. Here’s a step-by-step guide based on your description:

Access CRM Sales Module:

Navigate to the left menu in your CRM system.
Click on “CRM Sales” to access the sales-related functionalities.

Navigate to Quotation:

Look for the “Quotation” option and click on it.

Go to Pending Tab:

Within the Quotation section, find and click on the “Pending” tab.

Click on the + Button:

Look for the + button, usually located in the right-hand header of the Pending tab.
Click on the + button to create a new proposal.

Choose Unit Proposal Form:

After clicking the + button, you should see options like Sales, MPS, Rental, and Unit…., Select “Unit” to create a proposal for a unit.

Add Products:

Within the Unit Proposal form, you should find a section to add products.
There may be a button or option labeled “Add Product”

Product-wise GST Details:

For each product you add, there should be fields to input details such as product name, quantity, price, and tax details.
Look for a field specifically labeled “Tax” or “GST” for each product line.

Save or Submit:

After adding all the products with their respective GST details, there should be an option to save or submit the proposal.

Review Proposal:

Go back to the main Quotation section and look for the proposal you just created in the “Pending” tab.
You may need to review and finalize the proposal before sending it to the client.

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