FAQ on Mobile Apps


While encountering a blank screen with no tabs after logging into the mobile app.

If you’re encountering a blank screen with no tabs after logging into the mobile app, you can try the following steps to resolve the issue:

Check Network Connection: Ensure that your mobile device has a stable and active internet connection. A weak or unstable connection might prevent the app from loading properly.

Refresh the App: Try refreshing the app by closing it completely and reopening it. This can sometimes resolve temporary display issues.

Clear App Cache: If the app has cached data that might be causing the issue, clear the app’s cache through your device’s settings.

Check for App Updates: Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your mobile device. Outdated versions can sometimes lead to compatibility issues.

Restart Your Device: Restart your mobile device to ensure that any background processes or cached data are cleared.

Verify User Roles and Permissions:

Follow the steps you’ve provided: Go to “Settings” > “Users and Roles” > Search for the user > Edit the user > Add an employee group (if necessary) > Save the changes.

Ensuring the user has the correct roles and permissions can help resolve access issues.


Why can’t I track a service engineer’s location in the Service Engineer Location Report in AntMyERP?

Please ensure that your engineer is logged into the mobile app, has an active online status, and has enabled location services for the AntMyERP App. Also, make sure they have a proper internet connection. Additionally, grant the mobile app permission to access their information.


How do I correct a mistakenly started service ticket in the Technician Mobile App?

Please note that once the “Start” button is clicked in the mobile app, it cannot be changed, and you cannot return to the initial state. Instruct the engineer to click the “Reach” button when they arrive at the customer’s location to attend the service call.


How do I attach multiple reports to a single service ticket in the AntMyERP mobile app?

When resolving a service ticket through the mobile app, you can choose to utilize the PDF option for report uploads. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to upload multiple images directly from the mobile app. If you wish to add another image after uploading one, you can select the “Click Here” option within the mobile app and proceed to upload a new image by capturing it from the camera or selecting it from the gallery.


What’s the process for capturing job time via the Technician Mobile App or web portal in AntMyERP?

The job time for a service ticket is captured from both the mobile app and the web portal in AntMyERP. The timer for job time continues even if the ticket is updated from the portal.


Why can’t the engineer access the Service tab on the mobile App in AntMyERP?

Log in to AntMyERP using your administrator credentials.

Ensure that you have the necessary access as a Super Admin, Admin, or the required permissions to access Settings.

Navigate to the left-hand menu and click on “Settings.”

Under the “Settings” menu, choose “Users and Roles.” Search for the specific user or group.

Once you locate the user or group in the search results, click on the action button and select “Edit.”

Proceed to the “Permissions” tab.

Utilize the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut to open the find function, and then search for “Manage All Services.”

Find the “Manage All Services” permission within the list.

Enable or grant the required permission. Save the changes to update the user’s permissions.


Why are only service tickets with a ‘Pending’ status visible in the user mobile app?

The user mobile app is designed to display service tickets that are in a ‘Pending’ status. This ensures that you can focus on active, unresolved issues that require your attention. Service tickets with other statuses, such as ‘Resolved’ or ‘Closed,’ won’t appear in the app to prevent clutter and ensure you’re working on the most relevant tasks.


Why isn’t a task ticket created by the client appearing in the AntMyERP Technician Mobile App?

The client has logged a task ticket, not a service ticket. Therefore, it is not visible in the mobile app. The mobile app only allows viewing of service tickets.

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