How to set up for create Masters of Campaign?

Q1: What are the steps to log in using Super Admin credentials?
A: To log in with Super Admin credentials, utilize the specified username and password provided during the portal setup.

Q2: Where is the Settings section located within the portal?
A: Navigate to the left menu and locate the “Settings” option, typically found in the left-side menu of the portal interface.

Q3: How do I access the Masters Options under the Settings section?
A: Within the Settings section, look for the option labeled “Masters” and click on it to access the Masters Options.

Q4: How can I navigate to the Campaign section within the Masters Options?
A: After clicking on “Masters,” locate CRM Sales and click on it to access the “Campaign” section.

Q5: How does the creation of Campaigns work under Masters?
A: To create a Campaign under Masters, select the Campaign type during the new Campaign creation process. This option is displayed while creating a new Campaign.

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