How do I confirm if Tender Management is enabled in Sales Preferences?

Before creating a Tender, ensure that Tender Management is activated. Navigate to Sales Preferences in the Settings menu, and confirm that Tender Management is turned ON.


Where can I locate the Tender Management option in the CRM Sales section?

Go to the left menu and select CRM Sales. Look for the Tender Management icon and click on it to access the listing page for Tender Management.


How do I initiate the process of creating a new Tender?

On the Tender Management listing page, locate the + symbol on the right-hand side and click on it to start the creation of a new Tender.


What steps are involved in filling out the Tender creation form?

Once you click the + symbol, a form will open for creating a new Tender. Provide all necessary details such as project information, bid requirements, deadlines, and any other relevant information required for the procurement process.


What information is essential when creating a Tender?

Ensure that you include all essential details while creating a Tender. This may include project specifications, submission requirements, key dates, and any other information crucial for potential bidders.


How do I save the Tender after adding necessary details?

After completing the Tender creation form, save the information. The newly created Tender will then be stored in the listing page of Tender Management for easy access and management.

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