How do I inactivate a product category in AntMyERP?

In AntMyERP, it is not possible to set a Product Category as inactive block or delete it. However, you can block individual products that are associated with the product category. Here’s how you can block a product:

Log in to your AntMyERP account.
Ensure you have administrative, superadmin, or the necessary permissions to access the Settings section.
Navigate to the Settings area.
Within Settings, go to the “Masters” section.
Select “Sales CRM.”
Choose “Product.”
Search for the specific product you want to block.
Locate the product in the list and click on the action icon next to it. Then, choose “Edit.”
In the product editing interface, find the “Status” field and select “Block” from the dropdown menu.
Save the changes.
By blocking the product, it will no longer appear when you’re creating new Quotations, Challans, or Invoices.

Please note that while you cannot directly set a Product Category as inactive, you can achieve a similar result by ensuring that all the products within that category are blocked. This will effectively prevent those products from being used in new transactions.

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