How to create New Campaign?


Begin by navigating to the left menu.
Locate and select “CRM Sales.”

Search for Campaign:

Within CRM Sales, search for the “Campaign” option.

Campaign Listing Page:

Once in the Campaign section, you’ll be directed to the Campaign Listing page.
Here, you can view existing campaigns.

Add a New Campaign:

On the right-hand side of the header, find the “+” icon.
Click on the “+” icon to initiate the process of adding a new campaign.

Campaign Form:

The system will open a form for creating a new campaign.
Ensure to fill in all the required fields.

Field Details:

Provide detailed information such as the campaign name, Owner, Type, start and end dates, expected revenue, budget cost and any other relevant details.


Once all fields are filled, locate the “Save” button.
Click “Save” to store the new campaign details.


After saving, the system should confirm the successful creation of the new campaign.

Verify Campaign Listing:

Return to the Campaign Listing page to confirm that the new campaign is now visible.

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