The contract number is not appearing in AntMyERP when adding a client-owned MPS (Managed Print Services) device to a client contract. Is there a solution for this issue?


The issue seems to be related to not adding the machine owner while creating the quotation. To resolve this, follow these steps:

Log in to AntMyERP.
Navigate to CRM Sales.
Access the Quotations.
Select “Contracted”.
Search for the quotation number or contract number.
Click on the Action Icon associated with this Quotation and Choose “Edit Quotation”.
Navigate to the “Machine Owner” Section.
Select “Client” or “Not Applicable” and save the quotation.
The quotation will be displayed as “Pending”.
Book the Quotation: Click on the “Book” button.
The quotation will now be displayed under “Contracted”.
Update the Contract: Click on “Update the Contract” and save.
Now you can add the client machine to the client contract.

By following these steps, you should be able to address the issue and successfully add the client-owned MPS device to the client contract in AntMyERP.


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