FAQ on Inward Delivery Note 


How to Manage MPS Printer Serial Numbers in AntMyERP?


Q1: Can I edit the serial number of an MPS printer in AntMyERP?


A1: No, editing the serial number directly is not possible within AntMyERP. However, there is an alternative method available to manage serial numbers under MPS contracts.


Q2: How can I change the serial number of an MPS printer within an MPS contract?


A2: To change the serial number of an MPS printer, follow these steps: Go to the “Operations” section in AntMyERP. Select “Inward Challan” to initiate the process.

Inward the old machine by updating its status in the system.

Outward the new machine with the desired serial number through the MPS contract. Complete the process by booking a sales order for the transaction.


How to Delete an Inward Challan in AntMyERP?


In AntMyERP, the process of deleting an inward challan involves specific steps due to its impact on inventory and records. Here’s how you can handle the situation:


Delete Inward Challan Consideration:

Deleting an inward challan directly may not be possible if the products have already been dispatched from the purchase order. Deleting the challan could lead to inconsistencies in inventory and records.


Create Purchase Return Entry:

If you need to reverse the effects of the inward challan, you typically create a Purchase Return Entry. This entry helps you properly account for the return of goods and adjust your inventory.


Steps for Purchase Return Entry:

a. Navigate to Operations: Access the “Operations” section from the left menu.

b. Select Purchase Returns: Within “Operations,” find and select the “Purchase Returns” option.

c. Create New Return: Create a new purchase return entry that corresponds to the products from the inward challan you want to reverse.

d. Specify Products: Add the products/items that you want to return to your supplier. Specify quantities and other relevant details.

e. Save and Complete: After adding the necessary information, save the purchase return entry.


Effect on Inventory:

By creating a purchase return entry, you are effectively reversing the effects of the inward challan. The returned products are deducted from your inventory, and the associated records are adjusted accordingly.

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