FAQ on Error Messages 


Troubleshooting URL Errors in AntMyERP


If you encounter a URL error while using AntMyERP, here are some steps you can take based on the specific error codes:

Error 414: Request-URI Too Long:

Solution: Press Ctrl+Shift+End to select and delete the URL, then re-enter the desired URL or action.

Error 400: Bad Request (Page does not exist or invalid request):

Solution: Check the URL you entered for any typos or errors. Make sure you’re using the correct format and syntax. If the error persists, verify that the page or resource you’re trying to access exists in the system.

Error 500: Internal Server Error:

Solution: This error typically indicates a server-side issue. You can try refreshing the page or performing the action again after a short period.

If the error persists, it’s recommended to contact AntMyERP’s technical support team for assistance.

Provide them with details about the error, the steps you took leading up to it, and any other relevant information.

Additionally, here are some general steps you can take to troubleshoot URL errors in AntMyERP:

Clear your browser cache and cookies. Ensure you are using a supported and up-to-date web browser.

Double-check the URL for accuracy. Try accessing the URL from a different browser or device.

If you’re accessing a specific page or resource, verify that you have the necessary permissions to access it.

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