What is the processes of Inwarding Unused Spare Parts which were already issued to Field Service Engineers?


Log in to AntMyERP: Use your login credentials to access your AntMyERP account.

Navigate to the Service Module: Within the ERP system, find and select the Service module.

Access the ‘Request Spare’ Section: Locate the ‘Request Spare’ and ‘Request Spare Approved’ options from the dropdown menu or navigation bar.

Locate the Ticket: Search for the specific service ticket for which you want to record the inward of spare parts.

Find the Action Option: Look for the action icon against the ticket number and click ‘ Return and Cancel’.

Initiate the Return: Click on the ‘Return and Cancel’ option. A confirmation prompt might appear asking if you’re sure about cancelling and inwarding the spare parts.

Confirm the Action: If prompted, confirm the action by clicking ‘Yes.’ This action will inward the spare parts back into the inventory.

Completion: After confirming, the system will complete the process, and the spare parts that were not used by the engineer will be successfully inwarded back into the stock.



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