Why expired contract products are showing on the Service Ticket Logging page ?

The serial numbers of products for which the contracts have expired are still under warranty. Therefore, you are able to see them when logging a service call.


What’s the procedure for closing or solving a service ticket with a backdated entry in AntMyERP?

In AntMyERP, please be aware that backdated entries are strictly prohibited for service tickets. Therefore, it is not possible to close or resolve a service ticket with a past date. All entries and transactions are current dated and timed.


Will renaming a contact person reflect in previously logged service tickets in AntMyERP?

Yes. If you rename a contact person, the same change will be reflected in earlier logged service tickets in AntMyERP.


Why isn’t the serial number appearing when logging a service ticket in AntMyERP?

The serial number’s contract must have expired, which is why you were unable to log a service ticket. Please proceed to update the contract to log call.


How do I resolve the error message preventing me from closing a service ticket in AntMyERP?

If a service ticket’s spare part request has been raised but the spare request process has not been completed, and no challan has been created for those spare parts, the user will be unable to resolve or close the ticket from either the mobile app or the web portal. To address this, please ensure the following steps are taken:
Execute the Spare Part Request and Create a Challan or
Reject the Spare Request
By performing these steps, you’ll be able to resolve the issue and proceed with solving or closing the service ticket both through the mobile app and the web portal.


Can I create a single service ticket for multiple serial numbers in AntMyERP?

Unfortunately, AntMyERP is designed to capture a single service ticket for each product with its corresponding serial number. As of now, it’s not possible to create a single service ticket that encompasses multiple serial numbers.

How do I handle service requests for multiple products with different serial numbers?

To address service requests for multiple products with different serial numbers, you will need to create separate service tickets for each product. This ensures that each issue is properly tracked and managed.

Can I create a bundled service ticket for related products?

While AntMyERP may not support a single service ticket for multiple serial numbers, you can consider bundling related products under a common service request. This means that if multiple products are part of a similar issue or service request, you can create individual service tickets for each product and then associate them with a common category or issue type. This way, you can still maintain a level of organization for related service requests.

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