How can I create a chargeable visit ticket in AntMyERP?

You can create a chargeable visit ticket in AntMyERP by following these steps:

Step 1: Access Quick Add:

Click on the Quick Add icon (usually depicted as a plus sign) located at the top of the interface.
Step 2: Select Service Ticket:

From the options presented, choose “Service Ticket” to initiate the ticket creation process.
Step 3: Add Requestor Name and Details:

Enter the name of the requestor and provide any relevant details in the designated box.
Step 4: Add Machine Details:

Click on the ‘+’ symbol to add machine details.
Enter the visit contract number, brand, and serial number of the machine. Save this information.
Step 5: Fill Additional Details:

Continue to fill in other necessary details, such as the assignee’s name, description of the problem, and due date.
Step 6: Save the Ticket:

Once all required information is added, save the ticket. This will log the chargeable visit ticket.


What happens after the ticket is saved?

After saving the chargeable visit ticket, the following actions usually take place:

The ticket is officially logged in the system and assigned a unique ticket number.
If the ticket is associated with a contract, it might generate a sales order linked to the contract for Invoicing purposes.

Can I edit or update the chargeable visit ticket later if needed?

Yes, you can often edit or update the details of a chargeable visit ticket after it has been created. This includes modifying assignee information, problem description, due date, and other relevant fields. Locate the ticket within the system and look for options to edit or update its details.

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