Encountering an issue while trying to add a product or model with MPS/Per Page/FSMA Quotation in AntMyERP. An error is appearing stating that the product is not in MPS. How can I address this problem?

Log in to AntMyERP: Access your AntMyERP account by logging in using your credentials.

Check Admin Access: Ensure that you possess admin, superadmin, or the necessary permissions to access the Settings.

Navigate to Settings: After logging in, go to the Settings section.

Access Masters: Inside the Settings, locate and access the Masters section.

Select CRM Sales: From the available options, choose CRM Sales.

Choose the Product Category: Search for the desired category, click on the action icon, and select ‘Edit’.

Edit MPS Settings: Within the product category, Go to MPS and tick the ‘Mono’ or ‘Color’ option based on the product’s specifications. Configure settings for A4 Print, A4 Scan, A3 Print, and A3 Scan accordingly as per specification.

Save and Create: Save your changes and create the product. By following these steps, the issue should be resolved.

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