How to Add HSN code in product in AntMyERP ?

Log in to AntMyERP: Access your AntMyERP account by logging in using your credentials.

Check Admin Access: Confirm that you possess admin, superadmin, or the required permissions to access the Settings.

Navigate to Settings: Proceed to the Settings

Access Masters: Inside the Settings, navigate to the Masters section.

Select CRM Sales: Among the options available, choose CRMSales .

Choose the Product: Go to Product and search and select the specific product for which you intend to establish connections.

Initiate Editing: Click on the action icon adjacent to the chosen product and then select the “Edit” function.

Navigate to Product HSN Code: Within the editing interface, locate and access the “Product HSN Code” section.

Add HSN Code: Input the appropriate HSN code based on your business type.

Save and Create: Secure your changes by clicking on the “Save and Create” button.

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