FAQ on Designation


The organization structure map is not displaying in AntMyERP. How can this issue be resolved?


To resolve this issue, ensure that you have admin or super admin rights, or the necessary permissions to access the Settings. Follow these steps:

1. Access Settings: After logging in, navigate to the Settings section.

2. Edit Creator Company Name: Within the Settings, click on the “Action” menu, then select “Edit” next to the Creator company name.

3. Navigate to Org.struct: Check the entries that have been added for both Designation and Parent designation.

4. Validate Parent Designations: Ensure that all parent designations correctly report to another parent designation, and that the links are accurate.

5. Verification: Double-check the accuracy of the connections and links.

By following these steps, you should be able to address the issue with the organization structure map not displaying in AntMyERP. Properly configured parent designation and designations, along with accurate links, are crucial for the correct visualization of the organizational structure.


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