Why does an expense voucher marked as paid still appear in the pending tab?


To facilitate the seamless processing of expense vouchers in the finance system, please follow the steps outlined below:
Access the Finance module.
Select “Expenses Voucher” from the left menu.
Locating Voucher :

Find the voucher number under both the “Pending” and “Paid” tabs.
Action Required:
Click on the “View” button inside the voucher.
First Approval:
Within the voucher, locate the “First Approval” button in the right-hand side header.
Click the “First Approval” button.

Page Refresh:
After clicking, allow the page to refresh.
Second Approval:
Once the page refreshes, you will find the “Second Approval” button in the same location.
Click on the “Second Approval” button.
Pending Voucher Display:

The voucher will now be moved from the “Pending” tab to the “Paid” tab.
Old Zero Amount Vouchers:
For old zero-amount vouchers, initiate the processing through the Approval Process.

After processing, the old zero-amount voucher will be displayed only under the “Paid” tab.

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