Why aren’t auto expenses showing up for resolved service tickets in AntMyERP?


Check Date and Ticket Matching: Ensure that the date of the solved service ticket matches the date for which you are trying to track auto expenses. Expenses may not show up if the dates do not align.

Verify Employee Settings: Double-check the employee settings and confirm that the per unit charges have been added correctly. Make sure you have selected the correct expense categories or units.

Review Auto Expenses Configuration: In your Finance Settings, verify that the “Auto Expenses” feature is indeed turned ON.

Expense Categories and Units: Make sure that the expense categories and units associated with the auto expenses are properly configured and linked to the service ticket or employee settings.

Check Transaction Logs: Review the transaction logs or activity history in AntMyERP to see if there are any error messages or notifications related to auto expenses.

Data Entry Accuracy: Ensure that all data, including mileage readings, rates, and any other relevant information, is entered accurately and consistently.

User Training: Ensure that employees responsible for entering data are trained properly and are following the correct procedures.

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