FAQ on Document Management System


How can I provide Document Management permissions to employees in AntMyERP?

In the portal footer, you will find various icons, including the “Document Management” icon, which is the third icon from the left. Click on this icon to access the document management section. Here, you will be able to view all the documents that have been uploaded.

To edit a document’s details, follow these steps:

Find the document you wish to edit from the list of uploaded documents.

Click on the “Edit” of Action button next to the document’s details. A form will appear, allowing you to update the document’s title, tags, notes, associates, and sharing settings.

Make the necessary changes to the document’s details.

Click “Save” to update the document with the new information.

If you wish to delete a document, here are the steps:

Find the document you want to delete from the list of uploaded documents.

Click on the “Delete” of Action button next to the document’s details.

A confirmation prompt will appear, asking you to confirm the deletion.

Click “OK” on the sweet alert confirmation to proceed with the deletion.

The document will be moved to the “Deleted” tab, where you can view deleted documents if needed.

Please note that once a document is deleted, it will be moved to the “Deleted” tab, and you can access it from there. Exercise caution while deleting documents, as deleted documents may not be recoverable.

How to Rename or Delete a Document in AntMyERP?

1.Access the left menu by clicking on the “Settings” option.

2. How do I search for Users and Roles in AntMyERP? Within the left menu, navigate to the “Settings” section. In the left menu of the “Settings” section, you’ll find a search bar. Use this to search for “Users and Roles.”

3. How do I find a specific user or role for permissions assignment? In the “Users and Roles” section, use the search bar to find a user by their name or email ID.

4. How do I grant Document Management permissions to a specific user? Once you’ve found the user you want to grant permissions to, click on the “Action” button associated with that user’s entry. Select the “Edit” option from the actions menu.

5. How can I configure Document Management permissions for the selected user? Within the user’s editing interface, navigate to the “Permission” tab.

6. How do I allow “Manage Document Management” permission for the user? In the “Permission” tab, locate the “Manage Document Management” permission. Toggle the permission to “Allow” for the selected user.

7. What does granting “Manage Document Management” permission enable for the user? Granting this permission will enable the user to access the Document Management features. The user will be able to view the Document Management icon in the footer of their portal and access the same.

8. How can the user access the Document Management features after permission is granted? Once the “Manage Document Management” permission is granted, the user can log in to their portal. They will now see the Document Management icon in the footer of the portal.

9. How can I make sure the permissions are applied correctly? After granting the necessary permission, ask the user to log in and check if they can see the Document Management icon. If the icon is visible, the permissions have been successfully applied. Alternate Method

10. How can I quickly access the User Management section? Instead of navigating through the left menu, you can use the shortcut “Ctrl + Search” to directly access the User Management section.


How do I edit an uploaded document in a ticket in AntMyERP?


Can I edit a document that has been uploaded to a ticket in AntMyERP?

Unfortunately, once a document has been uploaded to a ticket in AntMyERP, it cannot be directly edited or removed from within the ticket interface. However, you have the option to re-upload the correct document to replace the existing one. Follow these steps to re-upload the correct document:

Step 1: Access the ticket in which you want to update the document.

Step 2: Locate the section where you originally uploaded the document. This may be labelled as “Attachments” or “Documents.”

Step 3: Upload the Correct Document:

Click on the option to upload a new document.
Select the correct file from your local storage.
Provide any necessary description or details.
Step 4: Save Changes:

After uploading the correct document, save the changes to update the ticket with the new information.


Is there any way to remove or delete an incorrect document from a ticket?

Unfortunately, there might not be a direct option to remove or delete an incorrect document from a ticket once it has been uploaded. To address this, follow the steps mentioned above to re-upload the correct document, effectively replacing the incorrect one.


Can I contact support for assistance with document updates in tickets?

Yes, if you encounter difficulties or have specific requirements regarding document updates in tickets, it’s recommended to reach out to AntMyERP’s customer support. They can provide guidance and help you with any technical issues you might be facing.

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