Can I add multiple contact persons for a vendor or customer in AntMyERP?

Yes, you can indeed add multiple contact persons for customers or vendors. Log in to AntMyERP.
Navigate to CRM Sales Click Customers (for customers) or Purchase Click Vendors (for vendors).
Search for the specific vendor or customer.
Click on the “Edit” action.
Proceed to the “Contacts” section and click on the “+” button to add contact details. This includes information like Prefix, First name, Last name, Contact number, Work email id, Escalation matrix, and Branch.
After entering the details, save the changes.
The contact will now be added. You can repeat this process to add multiple contacts.


How do I upload vendor or customer documents like PAN card or GST details in AntMyERP?

Yes, you can certainly add important documents for customers or vendors in AntMyERP. Here’s a step-by-step guide:
Log in to AntMyERP.
Navigate to CRM Sales and click on “Customers” (for customers) or go to Purchase and click on “Vendors” (for vendors).
Search for the specific vendor or customer.
Click on the Action Button and select Edit
Proceed to the “Documents” section.
A list of documents will be displayed. Here, you can add the document number and upload a scanned copy of the document.
After entering the necessary details, make sure to save the changes.
This process allows you to efficiently manage and store important documents like PAN card details or GST details for your vendors or customers within AntMyERP.


Why can’t the vendor see the tickets option after successfully logging into the AntMyERP web portal?

Log in to AntMyERP.
Navigate to CRM Sales Module.
Go to the Customer.
Search for the customer and click on the action icon, then select “Contract.”
On the contract page, search for the quotation number and click on it.
Once on the quotation page, click on the top edit icon.
Add the contact person’s name from the dropdown and save the changes.
Go to CRM Sales Module, select “Quotation,” and then choose “Pending.”
This quotation will now be visible.


How do I set up distinct branches for vendors in AntMyERP?

You are not able to create a branch for a vendor in AntMyERP. To designate a vendor branch, you need to create it as a new vendor entry using the branch name.


Why aren’t bank details like IFSC code auto-populating when adding a vendor’s bank information in AntMyERP?

There is a possibility that the IFSC code has been updated by your bank. As a result, it is not auto-populating. Please manually add the revised IFSC code and branch name in the respective fields.


How do I switch a vendor to a customer or vice versa in AntMyERP?

Log in to your AntMyERP account.
Depending on whether you want to convert a vendor to a customer or a customer to a vendor, navigate to the appropriate section:
For converting a vendor to a customer, Go to CRM Sales. Navigate to Customers.
For converting a customer to a vendor, Go to Purchase and Navigate to Vendors.
Search for the specific customer or vendor you intend to convert.
Once you locate the entry, click on the Action icon
From the dropdown menu, select “Create as customer” if you’re converting a vendor to a customer, or “Create as vendor” if you’re converting a customer to a vendor.
A form will appear where you can input details about the converted entity, such as contact information,, and any other relevant information.
Complete the required fields in the form and ensure that the details are accurate.
After entering the necessary information, save the form.
The system will then process the changes, and the conversion from vendor to customer or vice versa will be completed.


What are the steps for adding vendor bank details in AntMyERP?

Login to Antmyerp.
Navigate to the Purchase Module.
Click on “Vendors.”
Search for the Vendor’s Name.
Click on the Action icon next to the vendor and select “Edit.”
Navigate to the “Bank” tab.
Click the “+” button to add the Bank details of the Supplier Company. Provide information such as the bank name, bank branch, account number, and account type. Then, save the changes.
The Vendor’s bank details will be successfully added.


What’s the process for uploading the monthly invoice for a logistics company in AntMyERP?

Option 1: Login to AntMyERP Go to the Purchase Module and add the logistics company as a vendor.
Click on “Purchase Order” and then click on + And select “General PO” option.
Fill in the necessary Purchase Order details and save.
Once saved, Click on Accept Tab Against PO number Navigate to the “Accepted” tab and Click on action Icon and select convert a contract and fill the details such as credit period Contract form and To date and Save.
Navigate to “Contracted” tab or “Pending Invoice” tab, locate the specific PO number. Click on the action associated with it and choose “Edit” to select the invoice.
Add the invoice details and upload the invoice document. Then, save your changes.

Option2: Navigate to the “Operations” section and click on “Logistics.”
Select the specific logistics company for which you need to add invoices.
Click on the “Action” button, then choose the “Edit” option.
Within the editing , proceed to the “Account” section and choose branch.
Click on the “Add Invoice” button.
Complete the invoice details, which should include the invoice number, invoice date, invoice due date, and the amount. It’s also possible to upload a scanned copy of the invoice.
For adding multiple invoice details, click on the “+” icon.
Once all the necessary entries are inputted, click on the “Save” button.
The outstanding details will be included and will be visible in the account ledger of the respective logistics company.

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