The user is not able to see lead data of customer she manages. How can this be rectified?

We reviewed the user permissions for User in the system, specifically regarding the visibility of quotations created for Fabtech Company.

As per the current configuration:


User has been assigned as “Managed By” for Fabtech Company.
To view quotations related to Fabtech Company, the user should have the permission “Self Manage By Companies.”
The user is expected to see quotations associated with the customer company for which they are listed as “Managed By.”

For leads, the user permission should be configured as follows:
“Show Only Self Created Lead” – The user can see leads that they have created.
“Show Only Self Owned And Hierarchy Wise Leads” – The user can see leads they own or those within their hierarchy, assigned by or in the hierarchy.
The user should not be able to see leads unrelated to their login.
Managed By (Company):

It’s clarified that the “Managed By” association with the company is specifically for quotations and not leads.
Please verify that the permissions are correctly set up in the system for Kasturi, considering the distinctions between quotation and lead visibility. If there are any issues persisting, feel free to provide additional details or instructions for further investigation.

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