“I am attempting to mark the lead as lost or disqualify in AntMyERP, but I cannot find the correct ‘Lost Reason’ or disqualify reason”. How can this be resolved?


The lost or disqualified reason is not showing because the lost or disqualified reason has not been added. To add Lost and Disqualified reasons in AntMyERP’s CRM Sales module, follow these steps: Login To AntMyERP.Makes sure you have acess for Super admin,Admin for requred permission to acess Settings

Access Lead Management:

Log in to your AntMyERP account.
From the left menu, click on “Settings.”
In the 6th menu, under the “Masters” section, find “CRM Sales” and click on it.
Select “Lead Management.”
Add Lost Lead Reasons:

Within Lead Management, locate and click on “Select Lost Lead Reasons.”
In this section, you can add and manage the Masters for Lost Lead reasons.
Add various reasons why a lead might be considered lost.
Add Disqualified Lead Reasons:

Similarly, add Disqualified Lead reasons by following the same process.
This will help you categorize leads that are disqualified for specific reasons.

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