Can we change the quantity of the sales order after it has been created in AntMyERP?

You can edit the sales order in AntMyERP if you have the required permission and no earlier outward challans are created against the order.

Log in to AntMyERP using your administrator credentials.

Ensure that you have the necessary access as a Super Admin, Admin, or the required permissions to access Settings.

Navigate to the left-hand menu and click on “Settings.”

Under the “Settings” menu, choose “Users and Roles.”

Search for the specific user or group.

Once you locate the user or group in the search results, click on the action button and select “Edit.”

Proceed to the “Permissions” tab.

Utilize the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut to open the find function, and then search for “.”

Find the “Manage Sales Order Edit ” permission within the list.

Enable or grant the required permission.

Save the changes to update the user’s permissions.

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