How to resolve the issue with Voucher Creation – Google Maps Integration?

Identified an issue with the voucher creation process, specifically related to the integration with Google Maps. It has come to our attention that the Google Maps API key currently in use might be experiencing some difficulties.

To address this matter, kindly perform the following steps:

Check Integration:

Verify that the integration with Google Maps API is correctly implemented within the voucher creation system.

API Key Verification:

Please ensure that the API key integrated into the system is accurate and up-to-date.

Regenerate API Key:

If any discrepancies are found or if the API key appears to be outdated, I recommend regenerating a new API key through the Google Cloud Platform.

Update Integration:

Update the voucher creation system with the newly generated API key.


After updating the API key, perform thorough testing to ensure that the voucher creation process now opens Google Maps as expected.

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