How can I set default terms & conditions on my Quotation in AntMyERP?


Log in to AntMyERP:
Open your web browser and navigate to the AntMyERP login page.
Ensure you have admin or super admin rights, or the appropriate permissions to access the Settings.

Once logged in, locate and click on the “Settings” option.

Navigate to Templates:

Look for the “Terms and Condition” option and click on it.

Add a New Terms and Conditions:

To create new Terms and Conditions, click on the “+” icon and in the newly opened window click on dropdown menu, select a name of The Submodule to add the Terms and Conditions. Give a name to the Terms and Condition.
Under “Page Text,” input the terms and conditions you want to include.
Please note that the character limit for this section is 700 characters.

Save and Exit:

Once you’ve added the terms and conditions, click on the “Save and Create” button or “Save and Exit,” based on your preference.


The terms and conditions you’ve added will now appear in the respective sections of all your communications.
These terms will be included in communication documents such as Proposals, Proforma Invoices, Invoices, Purchase Orders, etc.

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