Getting started with Customer /Client Portal


Providing Login Credentials for Client Access in Your ERP

After creating a customer account in your ERP system, you can enable access and provide login credentials by following these steps:

URL: Provide the client with the URL to access the ERP portal. This URL will lead them to the login page where they can enter their credentials.


Username and Password Creation:

Log in to your ERP system.
Navigate to “Settings” and select “Users and Roles.”
Search for the specific customer by name or unique identifier.
Click on the customer’s entry to edit their details.


Adding Password and Activating:

Within the customer’s profile, locate the “Add Password” option.
Create a strong password for the customer’s account. Ensure it meets security requirements.
Click on the “Active” checkbox to activate the account for login.
Save the changes to confirm the password addition and activation.
Now the client has their login credentials and can access the ERP portal using the provided URL, username, and newly set password. This process ensures secure access to the portal, allowing clients to interact with their account, place orders, view information, and utilize the services offered by your ERP system.


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