How do I check the warranty period for a product using its serial number?

To search for the warranty period associated with a serial number, follow these steps:

Login: Log in to your ERP system with your credentials.

Navigate to Search: Once logged in, go to “Assets Management” in the left menu, then click on “Warranty,” and select “Search Sr. No. Warranty” from the options.

Enter Serial Number: Locate the search bar or filter option and enter the serial number of the product you want to check the warranty for.

Initiate Search: Initiate the search or filter process to retrieve information related to the entered serial number.

View Warranty Details: Once the search is complete, the ERP system should display relevant information about the product, including its Product Category, Product, Purchase From, Purchase Order No., Vendor Invoice No., Inward Challan No., Company, Location, Customer Warranty Date, and Vendor Warranty Date.

Verify Results: Double-check the displayed warranty information to ensure it matches the product and serial number you are interested in.

Note: If you encounter any issues or cannot find the warranty information for a specific serial number, please reach out to the appropriate department or contact our customer support for further assistance.

By specifying the exact steps and fields involved in the process, users will have a better understanding of how to perform the task successfully.


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