How do I view customer device data in the ERP system?

To access and view Customer Device Data in the ERP system, follow these simple steps:

1. Login: Start by logging in to your ERP system using your unique credentials.
2. Navigate to Customer Data:
• From the Left Menu, go to “CRM Sales” and select “Customer.”
• Search for the desired customer by entering their name in the search field.
• Click on the “Edit” button next to the customer’s name.
• In the customer’s profile, navigate to the “Active Products” section to view the contracted products associated with the client.

3. Alternative Method:

From the Left Menu, navigate to “Assets Management” and select “Active Device.”
In the “Active Device” section, you can search for the customer by name to find all the
contracted products related to that customer.

Search or Filter (if needed):
If the customer has multiple devices linked to their account, use the search or filter options to quickly locate a particular device or group of devices.



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